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the fourth revolution and africa, tech revolutions and africa

no responses. 28/02/2018 Nomali

[OPINION] The tech revolution – Africa’s opportunity to say no

Sophia, a robot created by Dutch techies, has recently become the first robot in the […]


the pursuit of happiness, can you be successful and happy, the price of success

no responses. 27/02/2018 Nomali

[OPINION] Realism and success: there’s a third side to the coin – happiness

“When I grow up, I want to be a salesman” – said no five-year-old ever! […]


no responses. 26/02/2018 Zuko

The first family of Ekurhuleni co-hosts #InfluentialFridays

By Zuko Komisa The Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina, and his wife Corporate and […]


no responses. 22/02/2018 Zuko

Comedian Tats Nkonzo talks all things Dating, Love and Culture in the 21st Century

By Zuko Komisa Tats Nkonzo is a South African standup comedian, singer, musician and television […]


no responses. 19/02/2018 Natasha

South Africa: A new beginning

By: Anant Singh    “I see only hope for our Country, and that is when […]


no responses. 09/02/2018 Nomali

[OPINION] After Life Esidimeni

By Nomali Cele “What happens when many people are involved in a tragedy like this, […]


i belong to myself kaya fm, bekezela in a relationship, should you compromise in a relationship

no responses. 02/02/2018 Nomali

[OPINION] Endurance is not a virtue in relationships

By Nomali Cele Iconic, multi-hyphenate entertainer and activist, Eartha Kitt, famously once said of her […]


no responses. 29/01/2018 Zuko

Xhanti Payi talks raising a boy child, black middle class and more on #InfluentialFridays on Kaya FM

By Zuko Komisa This past week’s guest presenter on Kaya FM’s #InfluentialFridays was Xhanti Payi, […]


hugh masekela tribute, gomolemo lesejane hugh masekela, hugh masekela kaya fm

no responses. 25/01/2018 Nomali

To Bra Hugh, from the mouths of babes

By Gomolemo Lesejane The time is 21:22 in Johannesburg and I’m finally home from work: […]


no responses. 25/01/2018 Zuko

Remembering Hugh Masekela: the horn player with a shrewd ear for music of the day

By: Gwen Ansell, University of Pretoria Hugh Masekela performing during the 16th Cape Town International […]