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Kaya Tributes

We a legend falls, we want to remember. Our Kaya FM Tributes are both to remember the lives, work and legacies of the deceased iconoclasts and to comfort those of us left behind.

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Looking into Manu’s eyes

By Kagiso Mnisi To the world, Manu Dibango is archetypal of unchallenged musicianship and Pan […]


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Zulu Shaman aboard the mothership

By Kagiso Mnisi Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa was widely known for being iSanusi, yet his other […]


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no responses. 24/07/2019 Zuko

Johnny Clegg Documentary – Crossing The Burning Water

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi   Beyond the revolution expressed through song, the acclaimed Maskandi poet […]


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no responses. 27/02/2019 Trinisha

Mam’ Dorothy Masuka, the political juggernaut

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi Next to her prowess as a seasoned vocalist and composer, Mam’ […]


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Tuku’s Quiet Chimurenga : A reflection by two writers

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi With a career spanning 66 albums, Zimbabwean born Oliver Mtukudzi’s storytelling […]


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no responses. 21/11/2018 Trinisha

Jabba, omang ?

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi Jabba, omang?  Who are you? Jabba, omang is an audio documentary that uses […]


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no responses. 25/05/2018 Zuko

Kea Bereka (I’m toiling) – A Philip Tabane Audio Documentary

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi Kea Bereka is an audio documentary about Philip Tabane’s Malombo music, […]