Kaya FM Mothers' Day gift ideas you can give mom this year
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Kaya fm mothers' day gift guide

Mothers’ day gifts you can buy or make today

9 May 2018 FAMILY

By Nomali Cele

By now, you’ve probably heard the disappointing news the Kaya FM Mothers’ Day event has been cancelled this year. The annual event that made showing afropolitan mothers love and appreciation – while spending time as a family – is not happening this year. The news has likely sent you running around looking for alternative gifts. Don’t worry, we have 10 gifts you can buy or make for mothers’ day today!


Down memory lane

Kaya fm mothers' day gift guide, Kaya FM Mothers' Day

You know how she loved your macaroni frames from grade one? That’s because there’s nothing quite like a gift from the heart. For this mothers’ day, why not print out a few photos and create a scrapbook for her? We are in a digitised world and most of our special moments exist as nothing more than file sizes. When was the last time your family albums were updated? If there are grandchildren in the picture for your mother, she’s definitely going to love this mothers’ day gift that much more. So collect all those pictures of your nephews and nieces and make your mama happy.


A music experience

Part of being an afropolitan comes with a certain love of good music. From the rare experience of watching an Oletta Adams perform to a show-stopping performance from a legend like Tsepo Tshola, whatever is on her live performances live show book the ticket for her this mothers’ day!



Okay, this is a little short notice but you can keep the idea in your back pocket for next mothers’ day: Get one of your mother’s favourite outfits remade. Is there better nostalgia than looking back at how stylish she seems to always have been? Get one of those outfits remade and get a photographer to come in and take her photo.


Refill her favourite perfume

Staying with the theme of nostalgia, here are a few more mothers’ day, why not give her favourite perfume a refill? You know the one she’s worn for years and is as integral to her beauty routine as the green soap bar once was to yours.


Pick out a signature scent with her

Has your mother never had a signature scent? Is she always wistfully thinking back to the scent she used to wear a few decades ago that has since been discontinued? Help her pick out a new signature scent.


A self-care day

You know those days when your mother is supposed to be taking things easy but she never does? Impose a self-care day on her. You don’t have to go the extreme of getting her booked at a spa but you can create an environment that is conducive to relaxation. Take care of lunch, make sure chores are done just how she prefers them and keep grandchild activities to a minimum. If there’s a fil or concert DVD she loves, pop that in and let her kick back and relax



Kaya fm mothers' day gift guide, Kaya FM Mothers' Day

As afropolitan women, most of us have grown up in families shrouded in secrecy and pain. From working to forgive your mom for the ways you feel she’s wronged you or helping her unpack her own pain, the gift of healing can change things for her and your relationship. Of course, this doesn’t mean excusing her toxicity towards you without her making mends. But might find that opening the channels of dialogue with her leads to deeper honesty and understanding of each other.


Healing can also come in helping her join support groups or paying for a few sessions with a therapist for her. Secrets are rarely healthy but the extended African family thrives on them. The mothers’ day gift of healing can lead to you and your mother better understanding each other.




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