Kaya Breakfast - The Only Way To Start Your Mornings

Kaya Breakfast – The Only Way To Start Your Mornings



Week mornings will never be the same again. This September, we’re refreshing our line up with a new show — Kaya Breakfast.

Afropolitans are in for a treat when they tune into their favourite frequency next week, where they will hear two new voices alongside David O’Sullivan —seasoned broadcaster Thabiso Sikwane and larger-than-life comedian Jason Goliath.

For the past two and a half years,  veteran broadcaster David O’Sullivan had the job of injecting hard news, analysis and current affairs into the breakfast show. Now it’s time for the show to take on a wider context, without losing its in-depth analysis of multi-faceted stories and commentaries that inform the listeners.

The new Kaya Breakfast show is a serving of political analysis, observations on both local and national news, compassionate highlighting of human interest stories, sports, and family fun. In the show, Afropolitans will find a balanced diet of substance, nuance and just the right amount of humour.

The morning would be incomplete without good music. The music selection is enchanting, it is new, it is retro, it is a groove, it is a sing-along, it is Africa, it is home and at times it’s a prayer to nourish your soul. Kaya Breakfast has all the perfect ingredients to start your morning the Afropolitan way.

Expressing his excitement on the new show, O’Sullivan said,  “Thabiso Sikwane, has the wit and passion. Add one of the funniest men in South Africa, Jason Goliath, and you have the ingredients to bring a new, fresh, innovative morning show that will inform, invigorate and entertain our loyal Afropolitan listeners.”

Sikwane made her way into the hearts and homes of Afropolitans as the host of Kaya FM’s Home several years ago. “Coming back to Kaya feels like going back home. I had always planned and looked forward to being back. I amhumbled that the powers that be, have enough confidence in me to think I can add value teaming up with a great broadcaster like David O’Sullivan,” she expressed.

New to the radio scene, Goliath is set to bring some levity into the early morning show. “I love the ethos of the Afropolitan brand. This my dream job on my dream station! I’m looking forward to being myself, we live in a time where authenticity is more difficult than ever!”

Tune in to Kaya Breakfast from Monday – Thursday,  between 06h00-09h00.

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