Jobs That Let You Travel: How to Travel The World For Work

jobs that allow you to travel, how to travel for a job

Working on the fly

17 Apr 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

Travel is touted as an important part of life in the 21 century. Be it getting to know your country better or seeing more of the world, it’s hard to not feel like you are missing out on the experiences others are having. But when you have to work for a living, which translates to having less free time – that’s an obstacle you have to deal with even before confronting a lack of resources. What if you didn’t have to pick between your job and your travel goals? What if you got one of the many jobs that let you travel?

There are a few careers paths, aside from the obvious, that seem like they were created with travel lovers in mind. Hollywood might have convinced us that air hosting is they epitome of “working on the fly” and the best way to see the world, the truth is most cabin crew members rarely see the destinations they travel to. However, the benefit of the job is the discounted flights and the fact that you get the inside scoop on how travel works. Today we’re sharing five jobs that let you travel.

jobs that let you travel, how to travel for a job

Jobs that let you travel1: Consulting

Becoming a consultant, regardless of the industry, relies on you becoming one of the best in your field. When you are one of the best, there’s very little you can’t do. So if you’ve spent years honing your skills and are in high demand, the world of consulting may be waiting for you. The best sectors for consulting include technology, finance and research. If your consultancy portfolio grows to be big enough, (international) site visits will become the norm.


Jobs that let you travel 2: Marketing or media industry creative

If you are a creative person working in marketing or media (writer or designer) who is also active on the recruitment network Linkedin, you’ve likely encountered job opportunities in places such as Dubai and other parts of the Middle East. These opportunities are usually fixed-term contracts (six months to a year) and, due to the exchange rate, pay quite well.


Jobs that let you travel 3: Event planning

jobs that let you travel, how to travel for a job

From luxury hotels and resorts to islands, event planners get to visit exotic location as part of the job if Top Billing is anything to go by. But we see it in real life as well. Popular event and wedding planner Precious Thamaga, owner of Precious Celebrations, can be seen at beautiful locations in between planning beautiful event for such starlets as Bonang Matheba and Boity Thulo. Before Thamaga, there was actor and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba whose wedding planning duties frequently take her out of the country.


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Jobs that let you travel 4: Gig production

Fun fact: Our favourite artists can’t do it all on their own. Take for, instance, Beyoncé who made history this weekend by being the first black woman to headline the Coachella music festival. Soon, during the northern hemisphere summer, she will embark on a multi-city global tour. This tour, like thousands before it, will create job opportunities. If you are technically minded and have production crew skills (sound engineering, lighting, stage building) working with a touring artist might be your chance to see the world.


Jobs that let you travel 5: Artist residency

Residencies are for working artists (writers, performers, visual artists) and scholars who are in the middle of researching or creating a new work. During a residency, the sponsoring organisation puts up an artist or scholar in housing and gives them an allowance — basically creating an environment conducive to work. The sponsoring organisation may expect you to participate in an event designed for you to share your knowledge and work with the community within which the sponsoring organisation operates the residency — a meet-and-greet type of event.  Residencies tend to be in different cities or even outside the country.

There are quite a few travel-while-working job opportunities out there but most of them require that you be the best at what you do. Hone your skills and be ready when the (travel) opportunity comes knocking.


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