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It’s time to prioritise exercise in a hustling society


By Zuko Komisa

Working long hours while building your career can be very demanding and while we chase money in the City of Gold we often neglect the simple things such as exercise. It’s always a good thing to have multiple sources of income, however, ignoring how draining hustling can get doesn’t help.

The preservation of your time, health and energy is crucial. What typically happens is that many of us will find a side hustle to pay off massive debts or save up for the dream holiday to an exotic destination. We take up odd jobs which require us to be in many places at once, exhausting every part of our being. We prioritise the hustle over our health, time goes by we have harmful lifestyles reflective of our fast-paced lives: Fast food, lack of sleep, no exercise, binge-watching and many other scientifically proven habits that age you in your prime.

Let’s explore some ideas for making you exercise more this year:

Block Out Time

Wake up an hour early, you will never have time for things you don’t make time for. Human beings have phenomenal abilities to adjust to new routines. You’ll need to block out time to focus on exercise and wellness. Making exercise your morning ritual has been proven to give you a burst of energy through the day, dopamine is released, you become even happier.

Make Exercising fun Again

The misconception that exercising is dreadful and painful is not entirely true. The best way to go about it is to make it pleasurable, changing it into regular pleasurable past time is the best thing you can do it for yourself. Try out different options and techniques so I could create a fun hobby out of it. There are many options such as kickboxing, martial arts, Taebo and many others that make it fun to sweat away unneeded toxins from your body.

You Can’t Afford Not to Exercise

The price of Medical Bills you risk paying in years to come for having an unhealthy body is ridiculous. Focusing on working extra hours, is directly linked to your body giving up and breaking down later in life. The reality is that skipping on exercise depletes your energy and creativity, which is detrimental if you are serious about making money this year. A crash can also potentially affect many aspects of your life, like your work and family. The truth is that you can’t afford to not exercise or not take care of your body.

Walk It Off

Walking is the easiest form of exercise, stop taking the lift, stairs are healthier. A mere 30 minutes on the road will change your life. Walking get you in a better mood, it completely explodes your creative juices, eliminates risks of chronic diseases. Let’s not forget how much shirt sizes you’ll lose. Don’t get me started on the incredibly looking legs you’ll have.

Get A Stability Ball

This one is a little awkward but it works. Try sitting on a stability ball while you work doesn’t seem like it would do much, but it actually forces to use your muscles, improve your posture, and activate your core in order to continue to sit upright. Do all the above and you start realising that all your other goals become considerably easier, you’ll want to start eating better, you will have more energy and definitely be happier.