Isibaya’s Ayanda Borotho anchors township entrepreneurship

Isibaya’s Ayanda Borotho anchors township entrepreneurship

22 May 2019 #TownshipEconomy

By: Tshepo Matseba


With the support of the Maponya Family, the Isibaya Actress is set to place the township economy on the map.

Isibaya Actress, Ayanda Borotho has partnered with Soweto Volkswagen to help grow township entrepreneurship. The project kicked off with over 100 entrepreneurs engaged in a dialogue about the township economy, which culminated in Borotho being appointed as Brand Ambassador for Soweto VW. Solly Maponya of Soweto VW says: “We found Ayanda to be the best person to spearhead this important initiative, and as such, we sought to partner with her and provide the wheels for her to move around.


“There is so much alignment between her values and what we’re trying to achieve as a business, right here in Soweto. Our intent is to take this development concept to townships around the country, and we couldn’t have found a better person to help us fulfill this purpose. Ayanda epitomises everything that would inspire progress. We are pleased to have partnered with her. The journey ahead can only be a great success,” Maponya says.


Commenting on the partnership, in a room full of entrepreneurs singing the popular South African song, Thula Mntanami Ukhalelani Zizojika Izinto, Borotho said: “We have only one goal. To grow the township economy. We are the economy and this economy is in us,” says Borotho, adding that she loves everything about black excellence. “We must progress and we must move forward,” she says.


“I am a great supporter of local businesses and am excited to partner with a brand that shares the same vision and values as me. I had come across a quote that says ‘The quickest way to start something is to start.’ And so I started and Soweto VW came on board so we can take action. The support and attendance at the event has shown that there’s more work to the done and I am happy to take the lead,” said Borotho.


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