Is your relationship private or is it a secret?

Is your relationship private or is it a secret?

12 Jan 2021 LIFESTYLE

By Entertainment Reporter

Living through this global pandemic has made it even harder to meet new people, with social spaces being closed and social media becoming one of the only few places you can find your “soulmates”, It has even gone as far as new couples choosing to keep their relationship private. If you are one of those people that have done that, there’s a few things you pay close attention to.

These are some signs that show you could be taking your “privacy” to the extreme.

How do you know whether you are keeping your relationship private or a secret?

There are no signs that there’s something going on in public

You have a strict no PDA rule when in public, and anyone who sees you together could easily think it’s a business meeting. Pay attention to these signs, should they happen to be one-sided, you could be thinking you’re keeping it private, while bae is keeping you a secret.

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On the Socials, there is no sign of your boo

If on all your platforms, there’s no sharing of your photo gallery with the world about your love life on your social media accounts. surely there is no coincidence that your partner doesn’t even exist. We all have our own policies about what we share on the socials, there’s no pressure to post who you dating, but ask yourself are you really together if no one knows on your socials?

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Your closest friends and family don’t know anything

This only becomes a big question mark if you’ve been dating for a year, but you haven’t met each other’s friends or family. The real question is, if you’ve been together for months, yet no one close to you can prove it, or knows about it, do both of you know which side of the fence you’re in, is it a private or a secret relationship?

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What you say when you bump into people you know in public

Do you introduce your love interest as your “friend” to your mates, and acquaintances? Do you turn from calling them “babe” as soon as there are people around to calling them “buddy”? If you do this, your situationship is a secret, as in no one must know my toiletry bag is at your place kind of secret.

You omit your person from your conversations.

It’s an awesome story, you’ve done something together and you’re telling your friends the story, but don’t mention that your partner was part of the event, you’re totally erasing him in the story.

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