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International Tourism Film Festival – Africa, tourism film festival

A Tourism Film Festival is coming to the Northern Cape

25 Sep 2019 TRAVEL

By Nomali Cele

Video is considered one of the best ways to communicate destinations and research has found that when booking trips, travellers are more likely to look up videos of their destination than anything else. The National Department of Tourism (University of Pretoria, 2017) did research that found that South Africa is becoming more and more a popular film tourism destination. Recently launched in Johannesburg, the first International Tourism Film Festival – Africa (ITFFA) will happen in November.

Around 60 filmmakers are expected to come to the International Tourism Film Festival – Africa, which will take place in the Northern Cape. But what is is a tourism film festival? It’s a film festival where the films competing and being shown are wholly about travel and destinations around the world.

International Tourism Film Festival – Africa is brought to you by the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP), the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) and Brand South Africa to name a few. STPP is a body concerned with how tourism enriches and affects communities by looking at how it affects environmental, cultural, heritage and social criteria, economic best practice and more.

In a statement, ITFFA Festival Director, Caroline Ungersbock, said We have created a platform for Africa to showcase itself as a Filming Destination, as well as a Tourism Destination.  We have the skills, the talent, facilities and great weather to encourage international filmmakers to film their commercials and features in Africa.

The benefits of this tourism film festival

The film festival will be two-pronged: It will showcase films about destinations around the world, therefore contributing to the tourism film industry. It will Also showcase South Africa as a film location while injecting resources back into those communities that will host the festival. This is the four-part plan International Tourism Film Festival – Africa has set up to give back to Victoria West, scenic the Northern Cape town in which the festival will take place:


  1. Members of the local community will make and sell the food to be consumed at some of the events of the festival. They will be sufficiently skilled to continue post-festival as small food and catering establishments.
  2. Arts and crafts made by local community members will be on sale.
  3. The Awards Trophies are made by Khoisan Artists and there will be an art exhibition of their works at the Festival
  4. A number of youths from Victoria West and surrounding towns will receive Video training and will be assisted to produce their own tourism video, to be flighted during the festival. Ongoing skilling in Television, Photography and other media disciplines will also be conducted.

The International Tourism Film Festival – Africa will happen between 20 and 24 November 2019 in Vicotria West, Northern Cape.

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