Interior Decor Trends You Must Try in 2018 and Beyond

2018 interior decor trends

Interior decor trends to try in 2018

24 Jan 2018 DESIGN

By Nomali Cele

Interior decor trends? Who needs them?

When you’ve built your home to a level when you consider it something of a sanctuary, switching things up with a new wall colour or arranging the furniture different can feel like too much of an undertaking. Why fix it when it’s clearly not broken? Why dabble in interior decor trends when your home is already everything you need it to be?

The answer is simple: trying interior decor trends is fun! You’re not getting involved in a full-scale remodel, just adding different touches does the job because no matter how perfect your sanctuary is, it’s only natural that you might outgrow other things.


Botany in the house


Anyone with an Instagram (and their mother) can tell you that the houseplant trend has been growing strong in recent years. But beyond being photogenic, houseplants add a soft touch and give any space the feel of nature.

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Cosy it up


The Danish concept of “hygge” has given the global interior design a soft embrace and the design world is definitely embracing back. Hygge is the belief that every moment can be made cosy. Hygge is all about slowing down to appreciate the moments and, yes, cosiness therein. In interior design and decor, the trend translates to soft textures, candlelight, making your space one that promotes lounging.


If you’re looking to try a winter interior décor trend, hygge should be it.


Textures are great to the touch

There’s nothing like an unexpected decor detail and one of the easiest way to get it is through playing with textures. Tink velvet and suede sofas or chairs; faux fur rugs and throws and more. You can get your space in on the textures interior decor trend by using everything from big furniture to accessories such as rugs and throw cushions.

2018 decor trends


Greenery is here to stay

While Pantone may have long announced their 2018 colour of the year (the muted-yet-electric “Ultraviolet”), Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017, Greenery, is here to stay. Read tips for when using the Pantone shade in interior design and decor. This room uses accessories in Greenery well:


The spa bath of dreams

Okay, I promised trying these 2018 interior decor and design trends wouldn’t require any big remodels but imagine it: A big, spacious, spa tub of your own. Nothing says sanctuary quite like being able to take a quiet, relaxing bath when your heart so desires.


2018 decor trends

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