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In the kitchen with children – Tips for cooking with kids

6 Dec 2015 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

With it being the festive season, it is inevitable that kids will be in the kitchen with you. Why not prepare and plan ahead? Make the kitchen time spent in the kitchen as a family memorable and fun these holidays. The process of creating delicious food is also a great way to bond with your family. It’s also a ripe opportunity to teach young ones new skills. They will likely teach you something new as well.

The key to a good kitchen session that won’t put kids off cooking with you in the feature is keeping the recipe simple and encouraging collaboration. You know they will be brimming, in the end, they eat what they helped make – be it sharing it with the rest of the family or their friends.


Homemade (healthy) ice lollies
We are facing hot temperatures, that’s the summer season for you. It is likely to gradually heat up even more because of El Nino weather patterns. So what better way to cool down than with homemade ice lollies of which you know and control the ingredients?

Smoothie lolly recipe:
What: Seasonal fruit, yoghurt, water

Why: It’s fruity, refreshing and will be tasty enough that kids won’t even see that the snack leans on the healthy side of things.

How: Add a cup of each fruit you have selected, add a cup of plain yoghurt, add half a cup of water and blend for three minutes. Check consistency and add a bit of water if needed. Pour into moulds and freeze.

Fruit juice ice lolly recipe:
What: Seasonal fruit or coconut water

Why: It’s a single-ingredient take on the lolly and will be better for fussy eaters.

How: Juice your fruit of choice or use the coconut water. Add fruit slices to the mix and pour into the moulds and freeze. The fun thing about the fruit slices is that there’s something to chew on in the end. Play with flavours, mix juices and see what you come up with.

The great thing about the ice lollies is that you can sneak in greens and beets in both recipes and the children will be surprised by how great they taste.

Tip: Encourage children to help with selecting and washing the fruits, slicing, and dicing and allow them to press the blender or juicer button.

Other activities children can help with in the kitchen:

  • Baking – be sure to make the decorating step extra fun
  • Preparing side dishes
  • Being a sous chef – with supervision and safe utensils, they can peel and chop
  • Clean up brigade

Extra tip: Ask children to help you clean up and make it a fun game. Cleaners get to lick the baking spoon and eat leftover fruit. They also get to eat the first batch of anything made and bragging rights.

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