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How to recover from an early year burnout.


By Zuko Komisa

Do you think you are headed toward an unwanted early year burn-out? In this fast-paced town, it’s possible. The obsession with being a serial workaholic to earn your spot at the table can take a serious toll on your health and wellness. You need to stop and listen to your body while remembering that your health is wealth, the kind of wealth you can’t afford to lose.

Typical signs of a burn out are exhaustion, lack of motivation, frustration, cynicism and other negative emotions, a decline in your ability to pay attention or concentrate. All these are alarm bells to rewire your being to be more productive and sane.

We’ve passed the 90-day mark into the year and many of us have been pushing ourselves since the year started, if you feel like any of the above signs describe how you feel every day of late here are few tips to consider:

You gotta relax, urgently.

There are apps that help with relaxation, music on youtube to play during your free time. Take up meditation classes, find a good book to read, take a walk or visit friends and family, do things that make you happy and required limited effort and urgently make time to do so, it will go a long way in getting you better.

Make your lifestyle exciting and stress-free

Have a life outside of work that allows you to do things you are passionate about, things that set your world on fire, that are engaging and challenging. It could be sports or fitness, charity work, a hobby club. All these things will bring you excitement which releases endorphins and dopamine which make you happier and less drained.

Switch everything off
Switch off your cellphone and the news, make time to zone-out, you need to start taking back your time from the distraction that seeps into family time. Spend your time in stillness and quality uninterrupted time. Setting these boundaries will make a huge difference in your life.

In conclusion, you seriously need to get enough rest, as much as hard-work is important you have to be smart about it. No one has ever spent their last days wishing they spent one more hour at the office. In hindsight, be organised so you can free up more time to enjoy walking in the garden, kissing babies and watching sunrises and sunsets.

Let us know how you handle a burnouts and what you do to stay health.

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