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how to give back as a family

How to give back as a family

2 Dec 2015 FAMILY

By Nomali Cele

Ubuntu has become underrated in the world. With the bustle of the average Afropolitan’s daily life, it can get to a point where stopping to do something kind for someone else in the last thing on anyone’s mind. Regardless of how good you are as a person and how much good you want to do for the world around, sometimes there just isn’t enough time. Why not make this holiday season that time? A time to give and show kindness? Giving as a family over the festive season can bring extra joy.

If you are lucky, you had a childhood that was filled with warmth and love, especially during this time of the year. In childhood, it’s often hard to give but once one grows up and looks back the change and impact made in other people’s lives is unmistakable. Encouraging giving as a family over the festive season is one way to raise kind and considerate children. So, what to give?


Give treats
Want to practice spending time in the kitchen with your children or as a family? Select a delicious biscuit recipe and collaboratively bring it to life. Take the end products to either an orphanage, home for senior citizens or even give it to a local senior citizen or family that would enjoy the gesture. Go together as a family and hand over the treats. In the case of a recipient your family already has a relationship with, host a quick summer tea party and spend time with them.

Tip: Be careful not to overstay and make the recipient feel they have obligations towards your because your showed them kindness. While giving as a family over the festive season, teach children that how people receive your kindness in not the important part. What’s important is giving with an open heart and without expectation.

Give time
The most infinite resource that most organisations and causes need is time and hands. So, while donating other resources like money and equipment is important, being hands-on during this busy period will certainly be appreciated. Organisations that feed the homeless and other groups need physical support most days of the year, but especially now with people away on holiday.

Tip: Find a soup kitchen in your area and find out what they need. When delivering those ingredients, also offer to help.

Give a holiday meal
If you have been unable to find a suitable feeding project or a soup kitchen to donate to in your area as a way of giving as a family over the festive season, make and give the meal yourself. Prepare sandwich, fruit and water care packages to distribute around the city or in your immediate community. Prepare the packs together the night or hours before drop off.

Tip: Stay safe. The best way to do this is to always stay in a visible area. Try driving to areas that regularly serve meals to the homeless like churches and soup kitchens.

Tips for encouraging kids to give:

  • Give them the option of sharing and explain to them why it’s important
  • Don’t let them feel like they are losing something
  • Give them praise and thanks for sharing nicely with others
  • Always buy extra so children aren’t socialised to view sharing and Ubuntu as something that means that they will be deprived

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