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How to ask for a raise from your employer


By Motlagae Konyana

Requesting a raise from your employer should be an easy part of your job.  However, a lot of people are afraid to ask for an increase or speak about money with their employer while others don’t know that they can ask for a raise.  Because of this fear or no knowledge gets them to lose out on a potential of a salary increment.  

Remember that different companies have different policies regarding when and on what merits one would get a raise.  Do your research on this and ensure that you know the requirements and that you also have all those before approaching your employer.  Lastly, know the protocol and the different levels of management and who to approach regarding your raise (you certainly cannot ask the owner of the company without speaking to your line manager or direct supervisor).  

Although you may have a great relationship with your employer, you need approach this matter with tact and be professional about it.  Here are tips on how you can ask for a raise.

1. Prepare your pitch in front of the mirror. Prepare the reasons why should you should be considered for a raise.  Research on how the company works and its policies when it comes to increments.  During your presentation to your employer, be respectful and confident; avoid sharing your personal problems and simply stick to your accomplishments at work and the value you add to the company.

2. Remember that timing is important! It is better to ask for a raise when the company is doing well financially.  Asking for an increment when the company is on budget constraints or on stringent financial measures will not be successful and your request will be declined.

3. Be clear and specific with in your presentation as to how much you want and why.  With this request, keep the inflation rate in mind when you are calculating your worth.  

4. Be open to hearing out your employer should they offer an alternative to a salary increase. They might be willing to give you incentives instead of monetary increase.; other employers even opt for shares or a one-time bonuses.  

5. Go in  prepared that your request could be declined and this should not affect your performance at work.  Have a contingency plan should your request be declined your plan should not be based on your emotions.

Remember to have your own growth strategy in mind and know what works for you.  Be open to negotiating with your employer. Play the salary increase game smartly and always consider the employer’s counter-offer carefully and see if it works for you.