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How The Drive Thru celebrated World Yoga Day

26 Jun 2019 SPORT

By Zuko Komisa

In celebration of International Yoga Day, held on 22 June, The Drive Thru team joined in the festivities with a full Yoga session at the Kaya FM studios.

The day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, and sees the world striking Yoga poses aligning their chakras. Over the years it has become a popular lifestyle choice for many offering enormous benefits for those who practice it.

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Yoga teacher Maya Bhaat who currently works at the Consulate General of India in Johannesburg shared, with the team, some of the advantages of doing yoga and how it can impact one’s life. She says the main aim of Yoga is self-realisation with 8 steps which have to be meticulously followed over time.

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“Physical postures we perform, that is the first of the 8 steps of Yoga that we follow. Once you are physically fit, you move to the next stage, which is the breath. There are various breath awareness techniques to follow. This is followed by concentration and meditation, what we refer to as the journey of self-realisation.”

Listen to the conversation here: 

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that evolved over thousands of years. It also embraces a wide range of styles and disciplines. Maya says people who begin doing yoga sometimes get shocked by how intense it can get for beginners.

“Once a lot of people start, they say they want to gain more flexibility, and once they start the practice they see that it’s much bigger than the practice. When you’re doing yoga, the physical part would be less than 45 minutes and once you do the other practice, the benefits of the physical practices get more increased.”

Enduring the beginners’ phase comes with its own benefits, like improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, energy and improved respiration as well as maintaining a balanced metabolism while protecting you from injury.

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