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How DBN Gogo is related to President Ramaphosa

7 Jan 2021 MUSIC

This morning, House DJ DBN Gogo was thrust into the spotlight in a different way. While pushing back at government, as it is every citizen’s right, a few Twitter users suggested DBN Gogo take the argument to the family WhatsApp.

Let’s rewind.

DBN Gogo, whose bread and butter is manufactured in the world of parties, live music and events, tweeted on 07 January, “It’s a simple question. If social gatherings is the issue why have they not all been closed. When groove and alcohol was shut. Why wasn’t it all shut?” [sic]

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This was on the back of Health Minister Zweli Mkhize announcing that the new COVID-19 cases on 6 January surpassed 20, 000. The warnings were there from medical professionals, including Mkhize’s department, that the effects of the hard-partying in December before the country was moved back to Alert Level 3 or 27 December 2020, would only be visible in the early days of January.

So, what’s that about a family WhatsApp group?

DBN Gogo, birth name Mandisa Radebe, is the daughter of former Ministeer of Energy, Jeff Radebe, Minister Radebe’s wife is Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe. Bridget Motsepe-Radebe, is the sister of businessman Patrice Motsepe and Dr Tshepo Motsepe. Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe’s sister, Tshepo Motsepe, has been married to President Cyril Ramaphosa since 1996.

Phew! Now that we know who’s who in this family WhatsApp group, let’s go back to the DJ’s assertions.

But was the first lockdown not implemented to prepare for worst case scenario? That’s literally why we shut down hard and early. My problem is gov not actually dealing with this. But finding scape goats.” DBN Gogo asked her followers.

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Downplaying the role parties and large-scale events where there is dancing and socialising aside, DBN Gogo does in fact seem to be advocating for a stricter lockdown. Which most South Africans seem to be getting on board with lately.

dbn gogo lockdown tweets


Featured image via DBN Gogo’s Facebook by theworldwasneverready

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