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How active is your relationship on Social Media?


By Motlagae Konyana

We all know of that couple on social media that clogs up our timelines with their #Baecation, #Baeislife and #TBT posts of their happy-looking relationship that gets single women envious of the pair and wishing we could also post bae in our matching outfits.

Couples over sharing on social media often do that to disguise their relationship insecurities and they are probably not as happy as they look. According to a study recently published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin couples who don’t share their relationship on social media are happier than those who over share.

Having very high “relationship visibility” and over-posting about a partner may be a mask for relationship insecurity. Perhaps you don’t trust the solid foundation.

When a couple posts about their relationship, whom are they posting for?  Could it be they are creating memories? Showing their peers how happy they are? Could they want validation from others?

However, it’s undeniable that when people are happy they tend to want to share their joy with the whole world and spread their happiness across social media platforms.

Love is in the air! #BaeisLife

Love is in the air! #BaeisLife

Other couples claim that a private life is a happier life hence they don’t post, others say that they have no set reason while others state that it’s too much pressure because you then have to always look the part and post the happier times.

Another school of thought could then say that if your relationship is not online, there could be infidelity or the other is hiding the bae from the other bae.

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