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young south african designers

no responses. 04/08/2016 Trinisha

Young South African designers to watch

By Nomali Cele Young blood doesn’t always get its due acknowledgement in industries. Meet three […]


gugu zulu death

no responses. 19/07/2016 Trinisha

Rest in peace Gugu Zulu

Gugu Zulu, 38, was a South African motorsports pioneer. The rally champion put his stamp […]


education struggles in south africa

no responses. 27/06/2016 Trinisha

3 more education-related struggles that must fall

By Nomali Cele In keeping with the 40th anniversary of the Soweto uprisings of 1976 […]


south african music cassper and doc shebeleza

no responses. 21/06/2016 Trinisha

Would the real South African music please stand up

By Nomali Cele South African music has always been expressive. Whether it was coded with […]


the history of bubblegum music in south africa

no responses. 17/06/2016 Trinisha

A decade in music: bubblegum pop music

By Nomali Cele We were slow to catch on: the 1980s kicked in a little […]


A decade in music: The freedom fighters: Mariam Makeba

no responses. 13/06/2016 Trinisha

A decade in music: The freedom fighters

By Nomali Cele Music as a form of resistance to oppression has always been a […]


what to do after matric if you can't afford studying

no responses. 09/06/2016 Trinisha

Life after matric if you can’t afford to study

By Nomali Cele There is more than one way to reach success after school. For […]


how can we reimagine and improve african travel

no responses. 31/05/2016 Trinisha

Reimagining African travel

By Nomali Cele Tourism has had a big part to play for African economies. A […]


small businesses in africa

no responses. 25/05/2016 Trinisha

Four booming African industries

By Nomali Cele Gone are the days of “the dark continent” which Africa never was, […]


best music festivals in africa

no responses. 24/05/2016 Trinisha

Best music festivals in Africa

By Nomali Cele When you take music and add Africans, you have an instant good […]