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Here’s what Ponto Do Ouro, Mozambique has to offer you.

6 Nov 2017 TRAVEL

By Zuko Komisa
We recently took a road trip to the gorgeous island of Ponto do Oura (Tip of Gold) in Mozambique, a town on the Mozambique channel with breathtaking white beaches, dense dune forests and an ever-stretching sea. 
Reaching the Island is done mostly through a 4X4 trail on an adventurous route filled with scenic views of the ocean, as there are no tarred roads on the way to the island. The extreme south of Ponto Do Oura is well known for its fresh sea food.
Getting Around
Ponto Do Oura is an ideal destination if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to recuperate. Better for South Africans is that they accept the Rands as a form of currency. All the essentials you need are available at the several “cantinas” (little shops) at the traditional busy open-air market is walking distance to the beach.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the rumble of quad bikes, the romantic sound of locals speaking Portuguese, and a casual atmosphere of like-minded spirits enjoying the marvel of the Ponto Beach. Extreme sports adventures are also a common reason that brings droves of tourists to the island.
The island offers swimming with dolphins, offshore diving and deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, quad by biking, and 4X4 beach adventures. It’s also a great place to get yourself a golden tan on the beach.
You are sure to be impressed with the variety of bars and pubs along the beach. If you fancy a delicious Portuguese prego roll, refreshingly crisp sundowners, delicious prawn cakes, Portuguese peri peri or any of the delicious delicacies from the local favorites you are sure to find the right place.
There is a place for every mood after a day of epic activities. You can choose to wind down with laughter and good music or enjoy Mozambique’s local beer 2M or the Tipo Tinto Rum & Rasberry as you dance the night away.
We definitely recommend this paradise as short break getaway… Or even longer if you will!