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Heartwarming Winter Favourites: Creamy vs Spicy


Whether it’s filled with meat or veggies, a delicious broth will easily chase away the winter chills. The only difficult thing is the decision between making it thick and creamy or fiery and spicy. Whichever way you like to do yours, a heartwarming winter broth for your bowl feels just like cuddles for the soul. So, fill your bowl and let us know, what’s your heartwarming winter favourite?

Spicy Sweet Onion & Bacon Broth with noodles

Spicy pork broth with sauteed red onion and diced bacon in a red curry paste. Served with noodles and sweet red cabbage.

Creamy Spinach & Kale Bacon Broth

Pork broth with leeks and diced bacon thickened with coconut cream. Served with baby spinach and roasted kale.

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