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no responses. 26/07/2018 Zuko

Panick Attacks, why we have them.

By Zuko Komisa In this fast-paced world, your health should be your highest priority. Though […]


seasonal affective disorder, seasonal depression, kaya fm,

no responses. 25/07/2018 Kayafm Digital

Seasonal affective disorder and the Afropolitan

By Nomali Cele Even with the amount of destigmatisation work being done with regard to […]


kissing babies on the mouth, why kissing babies on the mouth is bad for them, breakfast with david

no responses. 09/07/2018 Kayafm Digital

Why kissing babies on the lips is bad for them

Shoeshoe Qhu New mothers are being urged to refrain from allowing people to kiss their […]


no responses. 20/06/2018 Kayafm Digital

Menstrual Health: Personal Experiences of Fibroids and Endometriosis

By Motlagae Konyana When I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis I had mixed feelings. Of […]


no responses. 15/06/2018 Natasha

Vaping: The myths, the facts, the trend

  By: Natasha Archary   We’re in a world where there seems to be an […]


no responses. 05/06/2018 Kayafm Digital

Menstrual Health: Symptoms that you might be suffering from Fibroids

By Motlagae Konyana Fibroids are non-cancerous growths or lumps that grow in the uterus; they […]


no responses. 30/05/2018 Zuko

How do you know you need liquids in your body.

By Zuko Komisa  Winter is here and, to keep you even healthier than you already […]


no responses. 29/05/2018 Natasha

Are you putting your sex life on hold for your career?

By: Natasha Archary     Your smartphone is always in hand, you take work home […]


no responses. 29/05/2018 Kayafm Digital

Menstrual health: All things Endometriosis

By Motlagae Konyana Women ovulate and go on their periods monthly.  For some women, that […]


no responses. 22/05/2018 Natasha

Depression and gender pressure

By: Natasha Archary   Mental health has for a long time been ignored. It’s impossible […]