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Women's Health

no responses. 19/08/2020 Natasha

Women’s Health: The regular screenings every woman should go for

By: Natasha Archary    With the cost of private healthcare and the void in public […]


no responses. 17/07/2020 Natasha

The loneliest virus in the world

By: Natasha Archary    Don’t you miss it?    The social life you took for […]


no responses. 22/05/2020 Natasha

Locking down weight gain

By: Natasha Archary Did anyone factor in how much weight we’d be prone to during […]


new year in February

no responses. 03/02/2020 Kayafm Digital

Starting your year with a bang in February

By Nomali Cele A surprising thing has been happening in recent years: At the end […]


no responses. 28/11/2019 Kayafm Digital

A.Vogel Multiforce

SA Natural Products’ Estie Schreiber shares an insightful discussion on health


festive season depression

no responses. 25/11/2019 Kayafm Digital

Dealing with festive season depression

By Nomali Cele Last year we shared the symptoms, causes and treatments for Seasonal Affective […]


brian baloyi, the drive thru kaya fm

no responses. 22/10/2019 Kayafm Digital

Goalkeeper Brian Baloyi talks breast cancer awareness

By Nomali Cele South African football star, Brian Baloyi, who was affectionately called Spiderman throughout […]


no responses. 18/10/2019 Natasha

Helping South Africa retain scarce medical skills

Every citizen can nominate their local doctor, giving them recognition and acknowledgement for their incredible […]


no responses. 11/09/2019 Zuko

My Pregnancy Journey App for Africa’s women

By Zuko Komisa It is estimated that over a million babies are born in South […]


winter moisturisation,

no responses. 26/06/2019 Kayafm Digital

Winter moisturisation cheatsheet

By Nomali Cele   Winter brings with it skincare concerns that are unique to the […]