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no responses. 04/04/2019 Natasha

Cardio vs strength training – which will get you results?

By: Natasha Archary   For the longest time, cardiovascular workout routines were said to be […]


self-care ideas, self-care, self-care isn't about buying

no responses. 29/03/2019 Nomali

6 Self-care ideas that don’t involve consumerism

By Nomali Cele Self-care has been a buzzword in recent years with everyone looking for […]


no responses. 27/03/2019 Zuko

Is your thyroid gland overactive? – It could be Hyperthyroidism

By Zuko Komisa Every week on Saturday Breakfast, we get a dose of health education […]


no responses. 25/03/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Shame and Secrecy: Are you in financial abusive relationship

By Motlagae Konyana Abuse rears its ugly head in many ways, and it is something […]


no responses. 25/03/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Secrecy and shame: How shame creates secrets

By Motlagae Konyana We live in a society and often come from communities whose rules, […]


Body symptoms

no responses. 15/03/2019 Natasha

The signals your body gives you and what they could mean

By: Natasha Archary   What would we do without the internet today? Before I cause […]


no responses. 13/03/2019 Zuko

Let your body heal itself with intermittent fasting

By Zuko Komisa Have you considered fasting? Does the thought of skipping your favorite daily […]


no responses. 08/03/2019 Zuko

Understanding the Science behind the possible #HIV cure with Dr Sindi Van Zyl

By Zuko Komisa Regular feature on #KayaUncaptured with Dr. Sindi Van Zyl explored new developments […]


no responses. 08/03/2019 Zuko

Fresh Clean water: Are we headed for a water crisis?

By Zuko Komisa Water is the world’s most precious commodity. Where do we stand on […]


no responses. 06/03/2019 Natasha

Don’t put your workouts on hold when you travel

By: Natasha Archary   Whether you live out of your suitcase or at the gym, […]


workout apps

no responses. 01/03/2019 Natasha

Workout apps that are free and push you to reach your fitness goals

By: Natasha Archary   Nothing sends me into a claustrophobic, hyperventilating mess faster than stepping […]