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By: Natasha Archary   What would we do without the internet today? Before I cause […]


no responses. 13/03/2019 Zuko

Let your body heal itself with intermittent fasting

By Zuko Komisa Have you considered fasting? Does the thought of skipping your favorite daily […]


no responses. 08/03/2019 Zuko

Understanding the Science behind the possible #HIV cure with Dr Sindi Van Zyl

By Zuko Komisa Regular feature on #KayaUncaptured with Dr. Sindi Van Zyl explored new developments […]


no responses. 08/03/2019 Zuko

Fresh Clean water: Are we headed for a water crisis?

By Zuko Komisa Water is the world’s most precious commodity. Where do we stand on […]


no responses. 06/03/2019 Natasha

Don’t put your workouts on hold when you travel

By: Natasha Archary   Whether you live out of your suitcase or at the gym, […]


workout apps

no responses. 01/03/2019 Natasha

Workout apps that are free and push you to reach your fitness goals

By: Natasha Archary   Nothing sends me into a claustrophobic, hyperventilating mess faster than stepping […]


Period calendar

no responses. 27/02/2019 Natasha

Reasons every woman should track her menstrual cycle

By: Natasha Archary     Most women hate that time of the month. Hormones surge […]


burnout, understanding burnout, burnout while working, mental health and burnout,

no responses. 27/02/2019 Nomali

Understanding burnout

By Nomali Cele Self-care has, whether we like it or not, become something of a […]


c-section vs vaginal delivery

no responses. 14/02/2019 Natasha

C-section vs vaginal delivery? Whatever you decide, is the choice still yours?

By: Natasha Archary I listened intently to the discussion between Mapaseka Mokwele and Dr. Mpume […]


Carbo loading

no responses. 06/02/2019 Natasha

To carbo load or not to for your body type?

By: Natasha Archary   This is not, I repeat not, one of those“new year, new […]


no responses. 31/01/2019 Zuko

Get in shape without a gym membership

By Zuko Komisa You’ve survived the enormous pressure to commit to a 24-month gym contract, […]


no responses. 23/11/2018 Zuko

Tips on reinventing yourself for life

By Zuko Komisa One of the most important things you can do for yourself when […]


Movember South Africa, movember 2018, movember men's foundation south africa,

no responses. 15/11/2018 Nomali

Movember South Africa highlights mental health

By Nomali Cele Movember was founded in Australia in 2003. Two buddies wanted to spend […]



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