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Health and wellness myths that you need to stop believing


By Motlagae Konyana

Drinking smoothies is healthy

Unless you’re opting for the pricey plans of pureed kale leaves and agave nectar pulp, filling up on smoothies isn’t necessarily the best choice for your getting in shape plan. Especially if you are trying to lose weight or you are diabetic. Fruit juices (and some vegetables) may contain too much sugar, which is also bad for your health. Fruits such as pears and vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are a better bet if you want a healthier smoothie, as they are full of vitamins, fibre and have less sugar levels than apples and oranges. The sweeter the fruits in your smoothie the less healthily the smoothie is.


Giving up alcohol for a month to detox

Having a dry January as part of your detoxing plan to give your liver a break from the December drinking spre might not be the greatest idea. Coping without a glass of your favorite cabernet sauvignon for 31 days is sold as the ultimate challenge and detoxing plan but if you immediately go back to drinking heavily you still put your liver at major risk. Cutting out alcohol and sacrificing that glass of merlot for a year makes more sense – in order for you to get there try breaking your drinking habits with just two-three consecutive wine free days a week and you will eventually leave alcohol for a year. Overall, moderation is key.


Working out everyday is the only way to get that summer body

Every time you put your body under physical strain you need to give it the time it needs to recover before you put in under strain again. This isn’t only to avoid injury but to also improve in fitness and strength so that you can get that beach body for life. Scheduling rest days is essential. Even if you visit the gym regularly avoid burning out by limiting yourself to 5 days a week.

You have to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Although doctors and dietitians recommend water as the best drink to consume it is certainly not your only source of hydrating your body. Foods like cucumber and lettuce can also provide the fluid that your body needs. And the amount of fluid that one needs differs from person to person based on their age, climate, diet and the amount of exercise one does. Another way to check how much liquid intake is enough is to check your urine colour – it should be clear or lightly coloured.

You can use last year’s sunscreen

Your sunscreen should be used within 12 months. Check the expiry date on the packaging.   It is pivotal to store sunscreen in a cool place. If sunscreen has been lying in your bathroom cabinet for over a year there is not much guarantee that it will offer any effective protection against UV rays.


No Snacking at night

Enjoying a nice slab of chocolate at 9 PM is still not a good idea but research shows that healthy late night snack options are totally A-Okay. Eating at night will not make you fat – its what you eat and how much of it you eat that will definitely add a kilo or two on your thighs. If you’re plan on raiding the snack cupboard after midnight, snack on yoghurt or fruit.

What are some health and wellness myths you’ve heard?

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