Have we served Education to the African child

Episode 2: Sibongile Mkhabela – Educating the African child in the last 25 years

16 Apr 2019 25 Years Of Freedom

In this episode, we focus on Sibongile Mkhabela’s journey. The former Student Activist was one of the driving forces behind the nation-wide June 16th1976 revolt.

Currently the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Sibongile has dedicated her life to fighting social and educational injustices in South Africa.

Sibongile spoke about the challenging journey towards achieving a quality Education system.  She also spoke of how a democratic education is something you nurture and harness from within a community.


“The Education system collapses purely because you’ve demobilized. You’ve taken away that which held everything together. If the ANC government has had the intelligence not only to take on state power, but to understand people power, what they would’ve done was to save that which works…That which people had themselves created”

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