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Ntando Duma

Halala! Ntando Duma builds her mother a beautiful house

16 Feb 2021 LIFESTYLE

By Tamlyn Canham

Two months into 2021 and Ntando Duma has already won daughter of the year.

The actress took to Twitter to reveal that she is building her mother a house.

“Still under construction,” she captioned a picture of the home.

While many of Ntando’s fans praised her for honouring her mother with such a beautiful gift, some Twitter users decided to be shady.

One tweep noticed that one of the pillars outside of the home was slanting slightly

Another Twitter user questioned why she shared the post.

“[It] is not like I’m jealous or what but was it really necessary to tell us that you are building your mom her dream house?” the woman asked.

Several tweeps said they choose to see the positive side of the post despite what people think of Ntando’s intentions for flaunting the achievement.

“Baby gurl wat u have done is absolutely black excellence (Saying with my chest). Phuma silwe if u think otherwise!?!”

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Ntando seems unbothered by the negative comments. She pinned the post on her Twitter page so it is the first thing people see when they visit her account.

The 25-year-old has spoiled her mother with nice gifts on several occasions in the past.

Just last year, she threw her mom a surprise bedroom party for her birthday.

The pair have a close bond and often go shopping together.

Ntando opened up about their relationship in a 2017 interview with Drum.

She said they have a “normal” mother-daughter relationship and she still has to do chores whenever she visits.

Ntando also shared a funny story from her childhood.

“When I was seven my mother and I ate pap and cockroaches. She was trying them out so I joined her,’ Ntando told the publication.


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