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Hair Elixirs for #Summerdaze

13 Dec 2017 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary 

It may not seem like Summer, with these sporadic bursts of heavy rain that has been battering us off and on for the past few weeks, but rest assured it is. As the temperatures soar, hairstyles should get cooler, with little effort to maintain gorgeous tresses and stay picture perfect. With almost every South African planning on spending these #Summerdaze pool-side or at the ocean, eliminate the fuss of taming your locks with these essential hair elixirs.

Not many women are willing to share their beauty secrets but we wouldn’t be true to you if we withheld that kind of information from you. Try these easy DIY hair masks and elixirs to get your hair ready for #Summerdaze

  •  Avocado & Olive Oil leave in moisturizing hair mask

This is perfect for nourishing dry, itchy scalps and it’s literally just a matter of combining a whole, mashed avacado with ¼ cup of olive oil & 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply to unwashed hair and leave in for upto 2 hours or overnight (wrap in a scarf to avoid getting the mask all over your sheets and pillow). When you’re ready to wash off, first rinse off with cold water and then continue with your regular shampoo & condition routine.


  • Coconut & Argan Oil Elixir

This is called an elixir because it is simply a magical concotion that is tried and trusted. Mix ¼ cup coconut oil with 5 teaspoons of Argan oil. Apply to your hair, massaging into the scalp in circular motions. This will stimulate your hair follicles which will promoted natural hair growth and stronger hair.

Both coconut and argan oil have been used for generations in Indian & Middle-Eastern cultures by women who swear by their healing properties. These oils can also be used as an all natural body moisturizer as the argan oil has a sweet, nutty aroma.

Tip: heat the coconut oil in the microwave until liquid. At room temperature the oil hardens and is easier to apply to hair in liquid form.

  • Egg & Apple Cider Cleansing Mask

Beat an egg into ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar. Granted you will smell gross for a few hours but you will reap the benefits afterwards. Keep this mask on for about 2 hours and then wash with warm water and finish with your regular cleansing routine. Your hair will feel clean and your scalp tingly. This mask cleanses and soothes your scalp and the protein in the egg helps your hair lock in moisture and shine.

Whatever your plans for the holidays, ensure your #Summerdaze are not brought to a halt over a bad hair day. Whether you have short natural hair, a more moderate Afro, dreads, braids or a weave, you can still ensure your hair and scalp is healthy all Summer long. The objective is to get you out enjoying these #Summerdaze of fun, not stressing about your hair.

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