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Gordon’s #BeALegend Conversations On Kaya FM A Big Hit With Listeners

6 Jul 2020 LIFESTYLE

Saturday nights in June have sprinkled a special kind of magic over the Kaya FM airwaves, with the Gordon’s #BeALegend conversation series on Kgomotso Meso’s Elite Nites, keeping South Africans informed and entertained. Listeners tuned in in big numbers to hear Kgomotso engage in conversation with local actors Nkosinathi ‘NayMaps’ Maphalala, the Khoza brothers SK and Abdul, of Isibaya and The Queen fame, and DJ Lamiez Holworthy about their challenges and triumphs of continuing to build a legacy through the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to research conducted by Ampere Analysis, the global entertainment sector is set to lose $160 billion in growth as a result of the CoVID-19 pandemic over the next five years, while the Events Industry Council values the size of the global sector as large as USD 1 trillion.

Meanwhile, back home the COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact on the entertainment industry – all but eradicating the revenue stream that keeps the industry alive. Although the resilience shown by our entertainers has been nothing short of heroic, thousands in the entertainment industry need a helping hand right now. The Gordon’s Gin #BeALegend campaign is a great example of a brand using its platform and resources to keep the creative spirit alive and thriving.

We chat to Gordon’s Gin Brand Manager Kayla Hendricks and Marketing Manager Brandon Govender, about the Gordon’s #BeALegend Kaya FM conversation series, how it aligns with the brand’s vision and why the team opted to extend a helping hand to the entertainment industry.

Gordon’s Gin Brand Manager Kayla Hendricks

Q: We’ve heard Kaya FM listeners have been tuning in to the series on Elite Nites in their hundreds for the past three weeks.  Why do you think the Gordon’s Gin #BeALegend Kaya FM conversations have proven to be so popular among listeners?

A (Kayla): I believe it’s a combination of things, really.  Our legendary guests are those who have done so much to not only cement their place in the hearts of South Africans but also to build a sense of admiration around their name – and rightfully so. They have done incredible work in their industries and are building a legacy we can look forward to reflecting on in the decades to come. There is a magic in them, a rare sense of drive and commitment to their communities and their own purpose.  Because of this, we’ve seen them enthusiastically share much-needed support, insight, motivation and inspiration to others, especially during this global pandemic. I’d like to believe that Gordon’s Gin is contributing in a meaningful way to the lives of many with this conversation series.


Q:  How does the #BeALegend campaign reflect the Gordon’s Gin philosophy?

A (Brandon): Gordon’s Gin is a brand that prides itself on its legacy as the Original London Dry, and celebrates those building theirs.  We believe that building a legacy through a pandemic shows real resilience – the type of resilience that a legend demonstrates when the odds are not in their favour. While we all build what will one day be referred to as our own legacies, it’s important that we unite and support each other when the road gets rough along the way. This conversation series is a celebration and somewhat of a war cry to all South Africans committed to building a story that will live beyond their age.

Q (Kayla): Many local businesses have invested in initiatives to help others – why did Gordon’s Gin decide to get behind the entertainment industry (specifically) with this conversation series?

A:  While we may be fighting our way through the battle against COVID-19, there have also been so many feel-good stories that have come to light. We felt that we need to hear more of those. We know how difficult it has been for everyone – and particularly our entertainers in this case – as this industry has been one of the hardest hit with halted production, cancellation of gigs, and restrictions on how they can share their talents with fans during lockdown. We know the difference a helping hand can make when it matters most. This is the impetus behind this conversation series and is also why Gordon’s Gin is giving away R40 000 in funding to help entertainers and their industry groups clear the path again.

Gordon’s Gin Marketing Manager Brandon Govender

Q (Kayla): How were our entertainers and others in the industry participate in the Gordon’s #BeALegend campaign to stand to win a cash contribution towards building their own legacy?

A:  They need simply needed to choose to step to ‘out of the ordinary and into the legendary,’ by sharing their story on the competition posts on the Gordon’s Gin Facebook page.  Our final winners were announced on-air at the end of the show on Saturday 4 July.

Q (Kayla): Kgomotso Meso has interviewed actors Nkosinathi ‘NayMaps’ Maphalala, Abdul & SK Khoza and DJ Lamiez  Holworthy, and the conversations have been insightful and inspiring.  Who was the last guest to join the conversation on Elite Nites this coming Saturday?

A: Drum roll please! We have DJ Oscar Mbo was in-studio with Kgomotso for the last show in the series this coming Saturday.  He spoke about what it takes to navigate collaborations during difficult times, and why connecting with his fans is so important to him.

Anyone who would like to be part of the Gordon’s #BeALegend conversation on social media can visit the Gordon’s Gin Facebook page; or follow Gordon’s Gin on Instagram and Twitter on @GordonsGinSA.

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