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A guide to good light

1 Aug 2018 DESIGN

By Nomali Cele

For my generation, more than any other before us, having good light in our homes has become something of a requirement. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the whole house or even bright; it just has to work whatever “mood” we are trying to serve with our selfies and the other content we post online. We love natural light but artificial lighting can also mean good light g — and it goes a long way. With your selfie corner selected, if you were to add lighting to it that would be referred to as accent lighting.

What is good light?

There’s more to home lighting than just overhead lighting. It’s also not just having a bedside lamp for bedtime reading. According to lighting expert and owner of K. Light Import Eli Kalmi, there are three types of lighting you need to know and worry about. Kalmi insists that no trend will ever affect these core lights.


The overhead lighting referenced at the beginning of this article is actually called ambient light and is there to light things (the home, the office, the yard) in a general sense. It goes from just a light bulb all the way to intricate chandeliers.

good light ambient

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Task light

Much like a torch on a helmet or a light inside a big pantry, task light is all about lighting your way as you complete a specific task. In film and stage, dressing room mirrors are dotted with task lights. According to the experts at K. Light Import, “task lighting is important near the mirror as this is needed for up-close functions such as applying make-up and shaving.”

good light task


Accent light

Accent lighting is a goal. It gives extra focus to an area. Accent lighting does everything from drawing extra attention to a specific area of your space to giving your selfie corner the right amount of light once the natural light sets.

good light decorex


Light Import will have an area at Decorex Jo’burg this August where you can learn more about light – do you have the right lighting for your bathroom or for your cooking area? Also, make sure to go past their Lighting Elements installation at the expo. Decorex Joburg takes place between 8 and 12 August.


Go on, find your lighting mood.