Get your smooth on with a Sorbet wax

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Get your smooth on with a Sorbet wax

30 Oct 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


Hair. We all have it. Most of us in places we’d rather not. It’s a chore to keep these places well-groomed and hair-free but what are the options for staying as smooth as possible for as long as possible?


Whatever your hairy preference, most women spend hours and a pretty penny trying to keep their body hair under control. Scissors, tweezers, razors, depilatory creams, laser treatments or electrolysis, waxing. The options seem endless but what’s the best and most cost-effective way to stay hair free for a longer time frame?

Sorbet Waxing

A hair-raising situation

A 2016 study in Dermatology with a group of over 3000 women found that 84% of women prefer to remove all their body hair. Preferences on the bikini area differed but many women felt more confident and sexier with their pubic hair completely removed.


Regular grooming techniques were adopted by most of the women, some painful, a few really pricy and all time-consuming. Is there no end in sight?


Wax on

A professional wax can keep you smooth for longer. It’s not as painful or costly as you may think. The entire treatment, depending on which area you’re waxing, takes about 20 minutes. It’s done in a private room and with an esthetician who is fully qualified to handle your delicate area.


The Sorbet Rosebank @TheZone wax treatments last up to 6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows back. What’s great about waxing is that the hair is removed from the roots unlike with shaving, which means you stay smoother for longer.

Sorbet Waxing
What does a wax treatment entail?

The first time you get waxed is always a little daunting, you know it’s going to hurt (sting) a little and it’s this pain that you focus on. Try to relax and keep your mind off the pain and instead try to enjoy the process.


Talk to your therapist and ask as many questions as you need to before commencing. Once prepped, you will then be ready for the wax and your therapist will be controlling the temperature of the hot wax. There have been instances of a hot wax treatment going horribly wrong and this is why it’s so important to go to a professional.


The wax is applied to the area and is allowed to cool on your skin. Once “set” your therapist will in one swift movement pull the hardened wax off. Pulling is always against the direction the hair grows in because the aim is to remove the hair follicle, root and all.


Once the stinging sensation is over, your therapist will continue with the treatment until the entire area is complete. A gentle body oil is applied to the area after to help with any redness or irritation that may occur. And that’s it, you’re smooth as silk.


Can I wax at home?

Some women prefer to wax in the comfort of their own bathrooms and granted this may be a cheaper alternative to expensive salon trips. But with the bikini area it’s not really advised to go the DIY route. Things can go terribly wrong with a bad reaction to the wax, burns from wax that’s too hot or you could actually rip your delicate skin.


Estheticians are trained and know how to tug at the wax to avoid you getting too sore. When doing a Brazilian wax for example, because the wax will need to go throughout your pubic area, you will need to know which direction to pull in, how many times to apply the wax around each strip in order to remove the hair without hurting or causing discomfort to the area.


Is waxing the best option?

Apart from shaving, a hot wax treatment is the most popular method of hair removal for most men and women. Your hair grows in cycles: growth, resting and shedding. When you first start waxing, hair will grow back within two weeks.


But as you consider frequent wax treatments it will gradually stop growing back with that speed. You will notice hair growing back lighter over time and, in some cases, due to damage to the hair follicle after extensive wax treatments, you may be hair-free completely.


There is the pain factor to consider but waxing is the better option for staying hair-free for longer. It’s not as cost-effective as a quick shave but it will save you time and from dealing with uncomfortable razor burns and super sensitive skin from shaving.


When in doubt, reach out to the professionals at Sorbet Rosebank @TheZone.


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