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10 Sep 2018 BEAUTY

By: Natasha Archary


Over the next few months I will be bringing you a series of skincare and nailcare articles that will help you make the best decisions with your beauty routines. I recently went through a terrible experience which I want to share so you never go through the same thing.


My ordeal

I had tips done in July at a home salon because it was cheaper. Lesson learnt. Compromising on price when it comes to my nails is not worth it. The tips broke off on the nail bed, ripping off layers of nail in the painful process.


Yes, there was blood and tears. I was in agony trying to figure out how to heal, repair and strengthen my natural nails. This was the first time in a long while since I got tips done because I prefer my natural nails with just a gel polish. But seeing as I was attending an event I decided something a little more refined and elegant was needed so tips were happening.


The tips were glued on, acrylic was applied with a gel overlay to finish. It looked pretty but I had never experienced anything like it when they started to bend on the nail bed.


The solution

Get that feeling Sorbet

Sorbet Rosebank @ The Zone came to my rescue with a nail strengthening treatment plan that would get my nails in tip top shape in no time. The IBX treatment is a nail repair solution that heals splits or tears and fills in grooves on damaged nails. Giving your natural nails a protective layer they need when they’re brittle and breaking from terrible nail technicians or just generally weak nails.


I would need a six week treatment plan. It’s a two-step process: repair and then strengthening. The IBX treatment works with an LED heat lamp, heated between 41 and 43 degrees to help penetrate the many layers of the nail. The product is applied much like a Gelish polish and then cured under a UV lamp.


My nails were so fragile during the first treatment that filing and buffing hurt. After the 30 minute treatment I could already feel a difference. They were no longer sore to the touch and felt stronger.


Get that feeling 

Get that feeling Sorbet

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your nails done professionally. I’m not sure what could have caused such damage to my nails but I assume that the products used were not of a quality standard. Somewhere between application and product layering, something must have triggered this fragile state.


With Sorbet you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. The nail technicians are all highly qualified and the products used are of the highest standard.


I loved that Gugu, my technician at Sorbet Rosebank @ The Zone took the time to assess my nails and gave me peace of mind that they will be back to normal in six weeks.


Bottom line

If you have brittle, flaky, damaged nails or if you’re trying to grow out your natural nails without breakage, the IBX treatment is for you. Having been for two of the six treatments I see an incredible difference. There are no chips, my nails look healthier and I am a little less stressed about them.


Having a nail care routine is really important, especially if you talk with your hands as much as I do. There’s a certain confidence it gives a woman and that’s indescribable. Find your way to the new look Sorbet Rosebank @ The Zone and “Get That Feeling.”


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