Get in shape without a gym membership, do it at home

Get in shape without a gym membership


By Zuko Komisa

You’ve survived the enormous pressure to commit to a 24-month gym contract, which typically becomes a phenomenon this time of the year but still want to workout regardless. Not forgetting the incredible number of people who have gym memberships but never show up.

The solution many people around the world enjoy are the spaces that allow them to get their daily workouts in the comfort of their homes. A home gym routine might just be what you need to get closer and closer towards your fitness goals. Here are a few ideas:

Pick a space

There’s always that space that you don’t use in your home, or one that is under utilised. You will typically need to use this for your quick workouts, push ups, sit up crunches, jumping jacks and squats.

Get in shape without a gym membership, do it at home

What will you need?

Committing to a home gym also means investing in a few necessities to make your workout experience enjoyable. As a starting point, you will need the following:



Jumping Rope,

Stability Ball,

Yoga Mat,

Medicine Ball

Typical workouts to do at home

Get in shape without a gym membership, do it at home


Depending on what stage of fitness you are at, you will need to go with your own pace. For starters, you will have to do these three times a week:

  • 10 push ups.
  • 20 walking lunges – 10 each leg.
  • 15 second plank.
  • 30 jumping jacks.
  • 20 bodyweight squats.
  • 10 dumbbell rows
  • 15 second plank.

How do I get started?

An important start is evaluating what area you want to tackle first. Tips many instructors give when you’re starting are as follows:

  • Get home videos on Youtube to keep you motivated.
  • Continue researching better ways to do your exercises
  • Be disciplined, don’t miss any session and focus when you start.
  • Wear the right clothes when working out, this is very important.
  • Always have water and a towel
  • Take your goals seriously and prosper.

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