#GenerationWho What is love to Millenials in 2018?

#GenerationWho What is love to millenials in 2018?

24 Oct 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Cherryl Mojapelo

Has the internet killed the authentic nature of love as we know it?

One would argue that the digital age has in fact enhanced connection and communication instead of the opposite. However, the idea of “having each other in our pockets” may cloud our perception on the little things, such as love.

According to recent research, it is widely reported that millennials believe that love is indeed dead. In my opinion love is not dead, however, what is dying is commitment and this may be a result of ‘instant gratification’, simply described as the lack of patience and understanding. Millennials seek instant results and if they don’t receive any they move on to the next option.

This again is an argument of conditioning. Human interaction has become digital forcing relationships to be more remote than ever. The internet has made it so convenient to be with people without being in the same space but more than anything, it has drastically influenced the love culture entirely. As much as remote love is manifesting at a rapid pace, the question is, “Is texting sufficient?”. “Can texting build a relationship or marriage?”.

What is love to Millenials in 2018

Millennials aspire for a meaningful life and they plan to achieve this by having dreams and goals. The idea of having and chasing your dreams is a conditioned standard enforced at an early age for millials.

If anything, they are doing exactly what they were encouraged to do as adults. I’m starting to believe that the term millennials is more of a mindset than a generation stereotype. Millennials are a product of the world they grew up in.

Millennials suffer from having too many options and freedom, sometimes not knowing what to do with it. Millennials are excited by the idea of being alone, in fact, the music they listen to insists on expressing and glamourizing the idea. From IDFWU, Savage, Money bag, etc.

The internet age comes with exposure and reaches called ‘the information age.’ I personally believe that millennials are the most educated generation. They are the most Tech savvy and socially conscious generation in history. They question everything within reason.

They are interested in finding new solutions to old problems. As much as it is that they have a completely different approach to life than their parents, you can’t label it wrong just because of its distinct difference.

My advice to Baby Boomers and Generation Y, is for them to ease off the resistance because that’s where the world is evolving towards. They call Millenials lazy, entitled and narcissistic. Yet what they don’t know is that, according to research, millennials will make up 50% of the population globally. That means they will be full of decision-makers in all sectors of the economy.

Tbose was recently in conversation about this on the #TheBestTInTheCity, listen to the full conversation here:

I believe that people only call you lazy when you’re not doing what they want you to do, entitled because you go for what you want and get it and narcissistic because you put yourself first, remember what the flight attendant said about the oxygen mask the first time you flew and what that felt like.

I personally don’t believe that the naming and shaming will not help or change anything as long as we don’t mend the potholes in society through open conversations with one another, because the next generation will also experience a rough transition if the problems are not solved now. Baby Boomers don’t want to let go. We’re not only living in a digital age, but we’re also becoming digital beings every day. Your device is an extension of you.

The more digital we become the more thinking we’d have to do and the fewer emotions we’ll need for the thoughts.I believe in love and love will only die if we let it.

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