#GenerationWho Is working a "9 to 5” still necessary?
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#GenerationWho Is working a “9 to 5” still necessary?

2 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Thabang “MaangLY” Maluleke


Imagine if the status quo was adjusted and normal working conditions suited the younger generation that prides itself with being in full control of their own destiny.

As a creative millennial, I often find myself knocking my work projects out of the park and having nothing else to do; or I have to clock into the office for some mundane work I could have done at home. So here are the reasons I find it tedious to spend eight hours a day at the office.

  • Technological ecosystem

Your phone connects to your laptop, which is connected to your tablet and can be further connected to your car. So why be stuck in front of a computer for hours when you could be working from anywhere?

  • We are lazy?

#GenerationWho (as we are clad by older people) shows us that when you are not being challenged and invaded by routine, you are less likely to be creative or motivated. The office space breeds routine, which is what we need a break from in order to exercise our full potential.

  • Perceptions of efficiency

The time we put in does not necessarily equal the quality of work we produce. This model of thinking is outdated and rigid. Sometimes the best things come from only a few hours of intense pressure, just like the production of diamonds.

My suggestion would be, to allow people to conduct their work anywhere, at any given time, which in turn allows you them to see the workplace not as a cage, but as a place of refuge. Where you have the freedom to be creative and to run free in different environments.


Being stuck in a place for eight hours every day can drive one up the wall. Complacency and laziness have nothing to do with it, it’s a matter of preference and a change of environment can do wonders to one’s work ethic.

#TheBestTInTheCity recently had this conversation and this is what came out.

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