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#FunnySideOfLove: Are you outgrowing your relationship?


By Motlagae Konyana

Not every relationship ends on a bad terms or with deleting all the instagram posts and tearing up all your pictures together. There isn’t always a betrayal of some sort or someone cheating on the other.

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone who ‘completes them’ or someone that changes their life forever – in a good way; someone that brings out the best in you and be a great partner. Sadly, this fairyale is temporary because people change and simply outgrow each other and grow indiviually and not want the same things anymore.

These are a few signs that you might have outgrown your relationship:


You are no longer excited to be in your relationship

Waking up and choosing to love him doesn’t get you excited anymore? You are not looking forward to those #MCM , #WCW and #relationshipgoals posts that got you seeing forever with him? Yes, you may still love him yes but you no longer want to be with him.


You no longer challenge each other

Perhaps your relationship is stuck in a rut, and you don’t challenge each other or even learn from each other. There is no passion in the relationship and your relationship has become part of the to-do list. The work, excuse me, the “relationship” …has become so routine that you just don’t see a way to fix it, or even want to fix it. So you don’t try to connect, you refuse to date him and you’d honestly rather just “do your own thing” also known as – be single and have one less thing to do on your to do list.


You get more fulfillment from others

Spending time away from him is becoming not just the norm, but a very strong highlight of your day and you are enjoying spending more time with others. You start to seek fulfillment from others more and more – you don’t even notice that you are enjoying being apart. Understand that, while it’s great to live a life that is independent of your relationship, moreover your partner should always be a priority and not an option.


He has really changed

He was so spontanteous and adventurous when you first met. He was attentive and considerate in the beginning of your relationship even remebered special days. Now you don’t know who the hell you’re sleeping with every night. Yes people do change, it is very important that the characteristics and traits that made you fall in love with them remain. Unfortunately, we cannot control how people evolve, but certain things are in our DNA and wont change because we are in a different environment. Someone who is genuinely kind doesn’t stop being generous and thoughtful overnight. A relationship does not change that. If the direction that you’re evolving in is different from him, just accept and peacefully move on.


The passion is not on vacation; it’s dead

Every relationship hits a dip and have its dull moments, but if the passion, lovemaking—if physically able to—and/or excitement is gone, then you may have outgrown your relationship. If what used to excite you no longer does, a baecation cant revamp and rekindle the love. You may need to accept that your season together is coming to an end.

Because the relationship didn’t end with a heartbreak or one of you cheating. This confuses a lot of people, that things just didn’t work out. The reason things ended on amicable terms is that two people who came together in hopes of uniting as one have simply outgrown the relationship leading to the dissolution of the relationship.


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