Free fun things to do with the kids

Fun with kids

Free fun things to do with the kids

18 Jul 2018 FAMILY

By: Sotho Meyer


It’s a little tricky for us parents to find fun and entertaining activities to do with kids at home especially when you’re trying not to break the bank. Nowadays it’s not as common to send your little ones out to entertain themselves with their friends in the neighbourhood. So if you’re stuck trying to stop screen-time or switching off the TV, here are a few ideas.



Fun with kids at home

I got this idea from my mother-in-law who got the Checkers Little Gardening kit for my daughter. It consists of a grow it your self-seedling kit. In total there are 24 seedlings to collect and grow. My little one has thoroughly enjoyed getting her hands dirty and caring for her plants. It’s amazing how dedicated she is to watering her little plants and watching them grow. The little gardening kit is free at Checkers stores but you can also use seeds that you scooped out of your fresh fruit and vegetables and get down and dirty with your little gardener.


Arts and Crafts

Free fun with kids at home

Once a month my 3 year old and I make our way to an art shop to get some supplies i.e. glitter, paint, glue, feathers and whatever else interests her. We use these supplies to make presents and cards, eg. with loved ones’ birthdays coming up, we’ve made personal cards for each one. This is a lot of fun and a lot of mess as well but it’s a great way to have your little ones’ creative juices going.



fun with kids

I will admit that it’s been a while since we have taken our madam on a picnic because we have recently had a new baby and I pretty much spent the last year on “bed rest”. But this is a fun idea for the whole family, pack a few sandwiches and head for the park with the little ones. Watch them exhaust themselves running around. Take a soccer ball and have a family match.


Blowing Bubbles

fun with kids

This might not work for you if you have older kids but my 3 year old absolutely loves blowing bubbles and chasing them around. We can spend a great amount of time playing bubbles until the soapy water runs out or she spills it on the floor (which happens all the time).

These are only a few ideas, if you have a bit of money to spend on entertainment, head to my personal blog here: Sotho Meyer

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