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Five ways of taking care of yourself while you sleep

19 Feb 2019 BEAUTY

By Motlagae Konyana

Taking care of yourself should be done with ease and you should enjoy it.  Some beauty treatments, however, can be exhausting and may be long. Here are five ways of taking care of yourself while you enjoy your beauty sleep.


Silk pillowcases great for your hair and skin

Nothing says beauty sleep like luxury Silk pillowcases– these are a dream and are beneficial for your hair and skin.  They reduce frizz and split ends– and you’re likely to wake up to less tangled hair in the morning (What a treat!).  Silk pillows absorb some of the moisture from your face and hair while you sleep. This means that the moisture does not end up back onto your skin and potentially cause ugly breakouts. With so many beauty hacks for great skin and hair, the last thing we would ever think about is our linen.


Do you have an ugly pimple

After your night routine for your face, there are a variety of products to try – even a spot of toothpaste on the spot makes magic. Tea tree oil works wonderfully and can remove the spot during the night. Put some on before you go to bed every night until it’s completely gone.

Hair care

One of our favorite hair treatments you can do while you sleep is a good old hair mask or even a protective hairstyle. Pulling, heating tools and hair dyes can be strenuous for your hair and causes serious damage. Use your bedtime hours to use a leave-in hair mask and rinse in the morning for soft, stronger and smooth hair.


Take care of your feet 

With the summer sun and your feet are in sandals, cracked heels and rough edges are not difficult to miss. Why not treat your feet while you are sleeping? We recommend a foot mask to rub on your heels and other areas that need attention. Apply it before bedtime, put on socks and your feet will be happy and soft.


Just add moisture

No one wants dry and dehydrated skin. Ashy skin is not attractive and dry skin could indicate signs of ageing. Use your sleeping hours to ensure that your skin is well moisturised. You can use an overnight facemask or moisturise your body before bedtime. This helps keep your skin hydrated and radiant. Using a humidifier also helps your skin and hair stay hydrated during dry months.

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