Fireworks Safety Tips For You, Children and Pets This Festive Season

fireworks safety, fireworks tips

Fireworks safety this festive season

27 Dec 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

New Year’s Eve is around the corner which means fireworks in the night sky we make our way into the new year.  Fireworks safety is always a concern during this time of the year. It’s difficult to avoid the ubiquity of fireworks during the festive season. ANd even if you remain strong and don’t buy them, you’ll still be somewhat exposed to them either through the sounds and mid-night or being around those who’ve bought them. Fireworks safety is a priority and can be quite easy to ensure

fireworks safety, fireworks tips

10 Tips for fireworks safety this festive season

Never let the little ones near the fireworks unsupervised, even if it’s the “100 shooters”. Young children should not be allowed near fireworks. Older children should be constantly supervised

That said, it’s worth it having a designated fireworks supervisor. If you have been drinking, you shouldn’t be near fireworks and you have no business ensuring that children are practising fireworks safety.

Don’t attack others with fireworks. It’s dangerous and not funny

It’s always advised that you don’t pick up the discarded, used fireworks after the fireworks show. These are still likely to be hot and have a high chance of going off again.

Sparklers aren’t harmless. Never hold sparklers with your bare hand or light more than one at a time.

Ensure that all fireworks are ignited outdoors.

Whether or not you are taking part in the New Year’s Eve fireworks display, keep your pets safely inside as they will be alarmed by the noise.

If a firework didn’t light the first time around, leave it alone. Don’t rush to pick it up and throw it away either.

Always read the instructions on the packaging of each firework before lighting it.

Morning after New Year’s Eve? Soak all your used firework in water before throwing them away in the rubbish.


We hope you apply these fireworks safety tips and that you all stay safe this New Year’s Eve, Afropolitans.


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