Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival Heritage Month Fun

Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival, Heritage month,

Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival

10 Sep 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Juliet Joseph

For generations of South Africans, braaiing is more than just cooking meat on a fire or in a potjie. This is an indelible part of our culture and brings back fond memories of childhood, family get-togethers, and friends just relaxing in each other’s company. This weekend we went to the Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival. The weekend-long festival also saw local celebrity chefs including Lorna Maseko, Chef Naledi, Chef Nti and J’Something among others, present food demos. The Chefs were in agreement that food has the potential in bringing people from different backgrounds together

Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival, J'something,Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival

Here is what Chef Naledi had to say about the traditional South African dishes:

And off course, what is a great braai without music? Robbie Wessels and friends had the audience covered for the ultimate braai experience.


Ever wondered what certain braai terminology means? We also made sure to return from the Fire and Feast Meat & Food Festival with some vocab to share with you Afropolitans. So here are some popular terms generally associated with one of South Africa’s favourite pastimes:

Blitz – Not the way we drive on the highway. Rather, a universal term for firelighters of any kind.

Boerie – Abbreviation for boerewors.

Braai Master – The person in charge of the tongs. Nobody else may touch/use them without the Braai Master’s blessing. You have been warned.

Chuckie braai – We’ve all experienced this. A braai held during that time of the month when nobody has any money. Consists of the cheapest cuts of meat.

Dop-en-tjop – A variation on bring and braai. You bring your meat and drinks and the host provides for everything else. The greatest braai there is.

Jammer lappie – A wet piece of cloth next to the braai that is used to clean the fingers of the braai master who tastes a piece of meat to check its readiness.

Man-braai – A braai without any salads or side dishes. Can also sometimes exclude plates to eat the meat straight from the grill.


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