Festive Season Depression And The Ways You Can Deal With it

festive season depression

Dealing with festive season depression


By Nomali Cele

Last year we shared the symptoms, causes and treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which also occurs in the summer. This means that while many people are outside enjoying the longer days, others are adversely affected by the bright days that never seem toe end.

And even if one isn’t suffering from summertime Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s likely to not enjoy the festive season. There are various reasons for that which can include not doing well at school, not doing well financially, feeling lonely and isolated and more. Recently, The Uncaptured team invited Khosi Jiyane to talk festive season depression.

Khosi Jiyane is a registered Clinical Psychologist. Her over 10 years of experience has a strong focus on accountability and change. Because the festive season is a time to be carefree and jubilant, Jiyane says that the most vulnerable will be at risk if they feel “alienated, it has a deeper effect on the psyche.”

According to Khosi Jiyane, festive season depression is also due to the fact that things slow down and calm down. So If there’s something you spent the busyness of the year avoiding, It’s likely to come to the fore when you have a little extra time to sit still and look at your life.

Three ways to deal with festive season depression

If the cause is the feeling that you have not met your goals for 2019, look at 2020 as a new opportunity to try again. You now know why the goals you set didn’t work out this year, take that wisdom into the new year and try again.

If it’s loneliness and isolation causing the feelings of festive season depression, reach out to other people who may be going through the same. Volunteer your time and give back to organisations and people in your community. There are others who feel the same and they need you. An afternoon giving back (be it playing games or sport or sharing a meal) can do wonders for you.

If you are experiencing festive season depression because of feelings of failure, it’s important that you be kind to yourself. If it’s hard to do so, reach out to friends and others in your network. It’s important to think about your worth outside of this particular failure.


Click below to listen to Khosi Jiyane’s full conversation with the Uncaptured team.

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