How to Give Your Festive Season Decor a Touch of Elegance
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Add these last-minute touches to make your festive season decor elegant

22 Dec 2017 DESIGN

By Nomali Cele

The thing about festive season decor is that it leans on the kitschy side. After a while, the red and green and the baubles and tinsel can feel overdone. And, depending on how heavy-handed you get when decorating, it can also look bad. So how then, do you make sure that your festive season home decore stays on the elegant side of things? Here are a few changes you can make

Candles will light the way

The festive season is a time for lights but that doesn’t mean you can’t put an elegant spin on that decor tradition. This dining room with its minimally decorated tree has a festive season vibe that is just enough. But the multiple candles give the room that extra festive glow.

A different take on the tree

There’s nothing elegant about an artificial tree. Regardless of how you spin it or try to dress it up, it will still have that element of kitsch. So if you’re tired of the artifice and what to try something new in that department, why not use a living tree or a houseplant to achieve the different tree look? And once you go non-traditional with your tree, you can deviate some more by using elegant ornaments to decorate the tree.

Less is more

I keep mentioning the traditional festive season colours (red and green) because maybe your festive decor fatigue isn’t from your decor style per se but the colour you’ve been using over the years. Want ornaments to go with your artificial tree? Do you absolutely love tinsel and twinkle lights as festive season decor? Then your way to elegant festive season decor, with these preferences in mind, would be through a muted colour palette.

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