Family Meeting on #KayaUncaptured - The Best Stories From 2019

2019 in Uncaptured family meetings

27 Dec 2019 SHOWS

By Nomali Cele

Every Monday to Thursday after the 16:00 news, a song that’s been selected by the Uncaptured team to reflect or hint at that day’s family meeting topic pays. Then after the song, two simple words ring out: “Hello, family!” And so the Uncaptured family meeting begins.  For the uninitiated, the family meeting is about twenty minutes during which the co-hosts, Kgomotso Matsunyane and Ndumiso Ngcobo, along with the rest of the team: sport presenter Sandile van Heerden, traffic reporter Nosipho Radebe, newsreaders Tunicia Jegels or Keneiloe Huma, share personal stories relating to that afternoon’s topics. The telephone lines are then opened and Afropolitans phone in and share their own experiences.

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2019 has been a good year for family meetings on Uncaptured. From serious socio-economic issues such as unemployment and relationships to fun topics such as whether you are a hugger or the irrational things people do.

First off, one of the most hilarious family meetings from 2019 was one when the team and Afropolitans shared their habits and obsessions that don’t make any sense, prefacing it with “Ayinangqondo but…”

Public service workers always tend to get bad feedback. In this family meeting, the team shared praise for recent experiences with members of the public sector.

Life can feel long and tedious with very few pockets of joy and hope. In this family meeting, everyone shared well wishes for people in their life or people who’ve helped them in the past.

We love them but family and friends can sometimes hold problematic beliefs that can affect others adversely.

What are your dealbreakers? Through the ages, adults have had “types” and lists of requirements of those they enter into relationships with.

You know your people and their strengths, on this day the Uncaptured team talked about who they’d call in the event that they found themselves in big trouble.

It’s 2019, technology has made it easier to get all the things you like. The team discusses online shopping and how it allows them to get what they want without braving the malls.

When good things happen!

The team discusses planning for having children.

What are your rules when giving or getting lifts?


FM Rewind and catch up on the 2019 family meetings here.

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