Escape the city with a spa retreat in Magaliesburg

Escape the city with a spa retreat in Magaliesburg

23 Jan 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


Magaliesburg spa retreat

Being a city slicker means that any opportunity to escape the fast-paced and stressful bustle is welcomed with open arms and packed bags. After a long, hardworking year, it was time to focus on relaxing and reconnecting with my partner. A spa retreat in the heart of Magaliesburg would be the perfect end to the year.


I find the coastal cities, stunning though they are, get incredibly full towards the Summer season. Navigating a busy city, trying to secure accommodation or pinning down romantic dates and activities amidst the rush of holidaymakers is not my idea of a retreat.


Throughout the year I touched on the beauty the North West Province holds. Having covered an array of breathtaking and fun date ideas in Harties, I opted for Magaliesburg as my destination for some much-needed downtime.


Rose Well Guest Lodge and Spa

Magaliesburg spa retreatIt was not difficult to settle on the Rose Well Spa in Magaliesburg. The quaint and rustic lodge has a distinct old-school charm that drew me in. In communicating with Ryan who manages the establishment I soon find that the lodge and spa is a family run business that has core community upliftment initiatives.

Magaliesburg spa retreat

This is what I love about “country folk,” as Ryan jokingly refers to himself. It’s the heart behind everything they do. The why. It’s easy to make a quick buck on the streets. But what’s lacking is the sense of community that Rose Well Spa has in such exuberant abundance.


Feels like home

If ever I own a holiday home in the country I would want it to be a place as lovely as the Rose Well Country House. With wooden finishes on each cottage, it’s something out of a storybook. The facilities for guests include a reception area that boasts just about every board game that was ever invented.


A heated indoor pool, mineral splash pools, and a generous cold-water pool are available for guests to take advantage of. The lodge is a BnB with owner Ryan taking on multiple roles and running the kitchen for the morning orders personally.


Talk about going the extra mile. Rooms are luxurious, with crisp linen and yet has a “homey” feel to it. I loved the mantle above the headboard which had a message that reminded me to take joy in the present and I immediately switched off my mobile phone and prioritized one on one time.


Exploring Magaliesburg


The town is not too extensive and we enjoyed venturing out during the day, finding hidden gems along the way. I will most likely be back soon to visit a few farms and adventure junkie venues that caught my eye. I wouldn’t advise driving around late at night.

But that’s what an escape means right? Forgoing your usual routines and habits and simply giving into the isolation from the fast pace and hectic commutes.


Massage heaven

A couple’s massage. The reason behind the escape. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing that comes close to a full body, aromatherapy massage. Relaxation aside, feeling the tension and stress knots kneaded away is heavenly.


If you’re pregnant, an aromatherapy massage isn’t advised as some essential oils can be harmful to the unborn baby. You can choose the classic massage.


An hour and a half of pure bliss. The therapists at the Rose Well Spa are fabulous and take note of all the details to ensure you feel completely comfortable before beginning and during the treatment.


I love the couple’s massages. It brings a certain intimacy without any physical contact between the two of you. It’s where you’re this vulnerable with your partner that you grow together. It was undoubtedly the most rewarding dating weekend ever.


The extra mile

I was touched by the community outreach projects that Ryan and his family are involved in. Opening up the spa for educational programmes and skills development for the community is what sets the Rose Well Spa apart from any other BnB I’ve been to.


The entire place is just a cosy haven or perfection. I’m relaxing just thinking about the delectable midnight swim under a starry, moonlit sky.



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