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peas in a pod- Yeoville Dinner Club

27 Aug 2018 Peas In A Pod

Episode 2 – Yeoville Dinner Club

Similar to Hillbrow, Yeoville went through a renaissance that saw a predominantly Jewish population leaving the area only to experience the settlement of folks from northern parts of Africa.  The mid nineties and early 2000s had the locale as home to interesting sub cultures whose existence had a particular soundtrack. This was a Yeoville with a Pan African flair and home to musicians such as Simphiwe Dana, Cashless Society, MXO, Zim Nqawana, BLK Sonshine and Basemental Platform.

This episode pays homage to this cabal of individuals, as well as look at the Yeoville Dinner Club.  .

Just its locale Yeoville, the Dinner Club is a medley of scents and stories. It defiantly holds on to its unique narrative arc. We cast the spotlight on this concept of a Dinner Club conceived by food curator Sanza Tshabalala. The club assembles strangers to dine with each other and share a moment to re-imagine the Africa experience.