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EpiKayaXpress at the DStv Delicious Festival

7 Sep 2018 FOOD

By Motlagae Konyana

Delicious is a food and music festival, but over the years music has taken precedence. From who is the headliner to which artist will be performing on which day. In 2018, we would like to bring back the balance between music and food experiences. We want food to get its hype as well. In collaboration with renowned Pan-African chef, Chef Coco of Epicure Restaurant, we are bringing the EpiKayaXpress experience to the DStv Delicious Festival.

In the past, with Kaya Travel, one of the highlights of the excursion would be to taste and experience the culinary culture of the different countries. With this in mind, we want Kaya FM listeners to taste the different Afropolitan flavours on a Kaya FM plate at EpiKayaXpress on Saturday and Sunday.

The coming together of Kaya FM and Epicure Restaurant is no surprise because of our rich Afropolitianism stances that both the brands share.  It was only befitting that the well known Pan-African Chef Coco create an EpiKayaXpress menu that is rich in its African nuances. EpiKayaXpress is going to be the taste of Africa on a plate. Not only will Chef Coco bring signature Epicure Restaurant dishes featuring different flavours from north, south, east and west African dishes to Delicious Festival there will be fifth component – the Signature Kaya FM dish with the north and south flavours.


The EpiKayaXpress menu will include:


Kaya FM signature Dish

Plantain Bread with wors sausage, served with an East African salad kachumber

Magwinya stuffed with Merguez, North African lamb sausage, with an East African salad kachumber to add the West African flavours is a mayonnaise with Suya spice.

Ugandan-style miniature chapatti wrap filled with beef curry

Tšhotlo pie
Tšhotlo meat stuffed in a handmand pastery – pie

Tajine Cuisine
North African-style lamb duck with herbed couscous

Chicken Yassa
Senegalese-style lemon marinated grilled chicken with a Yam puré

If you ever wondered how Kaya FM on a plate would taste, be sure to join us at DStv Delicious Festival for the EpiKayaXpress and enjoy the Afropolitan cuisine.

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