Effortless breakfast fixes for easier mornings

Breakfast fixes

Effortless breakfast fixes for easier mornings

27 May 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary

Overnight oats

In an ideal world, we’d all have relaxed breakfast spreads with the whole family before heading out the door. Of course, this ideal world only exists in movies and American sitcoms. Because realistically, we’d be lucky if we manage to grab a cereal bar (ugh unhealthy sugar included) before heading off to take on the world.


How do those Pinterest moms do it? Where do they find the time to not only get breakfast fixes out the way before the family gets up, but look good doing it? Look, we’re not aiming for Martha Stewart standards here, but it would be nice to give everyone a healthy start to the day without running late.


Having recently discovered the ingenuity of overnight oats and smoothies that don’t turn into sludge, I thought I’d share some of my overnight breakfast fixes. If it saves you some time and means everyone’s happy, then my work here is done.


Freezer stash

When your time is limited during the week, it does leave little room for creative flair with breakfast ideas. With picky eaters in every family, aim to get most of your meal prep out of the way on the weekends.

Set aside an hour or two to knock out batches of pancakes, waffles, scones and muffins. These then get popped into freezer bags once cooled and labelled. They’ll need a quick reheat in the microwave before hungry tummies welcome them with fruit.


Overnight oats

I cannot thank the domestic goddesses enough for inventing the genius that is overnight oats. Guys, this is not only timesaving but completely and utterly indulgent and you will never have oats any other way after trying this. Forget the instant oatmeal sludge you’re convinced is the ultimate breakfast of champions.

Effortless breakfast fixes

All you need to do is throw a couple of tablespoons of oats into glass mason jars. Preferably ones with screw-top lids. A bit of water from a freshly boiled kettle goes in and that sits for a few minutes. Once the oats have absorbed the water, you can then add in whatever you’d like to turn this into a decadent, almost dessert like breakfast.

Oats may be substituted by chia seeds.

Chia pudding

My personal favourite is coconut milk, with sliced almonds, a handful of raisins, a few teaspoons of shaved coconut and a drizzle of honey. It’s a tropical taste explosion with none of the guilt. An average serving comes in at an estimated 363 calories. You can thank me later.


Fresh smoothies

I don’t know about you, but it’s a lot harder for me to stick to my fresh pressed juices and smoothies during the colder mornings. The admin of cleaning out my blenders and juicing apparatus and the thought of prepping veggies and fruits in the mornings are enough to have me reaching for a piece of fried chicken.


But don’t. Summer bodies are made in Winter, and we want to at the very least have given this enough of a chance to work this year. Enter frozen fruit.


Much like the frozen baked goods, prep your fruits and veggies when time allows and chuck them in freezer bags either in the correct amounts for each of your drink recipes or smoothies or in large batches. Depending on what works for you and your family and the volumes you will be making.


All you need to do the morning off is blitz your smoothies together. The frozen fruit will prevent your smoothies from turning into a thick mess and will dilute your smoothie a little as the ice thaws.


Juices can be made in large batches and frozen in zip-lock bags. These can then be left in the fridge overnight to defrost for you to pour into bottles in the morning for easy on the go convenience.


Snack packs

If you don’t have the time for the homemade granola bar process but you still want your mornings to start off healthily this is for you. Combine your favourite dried fruits and nuts in a bowl in quantities that will work for either yourself or your family.

Breakfast fixes

Your mixes can consist of seeds, coconut flakes or rice cereal, which the kids will love. Sandwich bags work to carry these in the car and can get passed around for everyone to snack on during the morning commute.


Yoghurt pots

Effortless Breakfast

Plain yoghurt gets spruced up with a handful of frozen berries or the snack pack mix. It’s a lighter breakfast for those who can’t eat in a hurry and is a good travel friendly breakfast.


Hopefully these breakfast fixes make your mornings easier. What are your early morning quick fixes? Share with us by tweeting @KayaFM95dot9 using the hashtag #KayaOnline.

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