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support your matriculant ahead of the final exams, matric past exam papers

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10 ways to support your matriculant ahead of the final exams

By Nomali Cele If you’re a parent to a matriculant, you are probably a ball […]


subjects for grade 10, how to help your child selec subjects for grade 10,

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Help your child select subjects for grade 10

By Nomali Cele For parents of learners in grade nine, this is a very important […]


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Is an MBA still relevant?

By Dinika Naidoo Returning to the world of academia may not always be the answer […]


application deadlines, university application deadlines 2019,

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Missed application deadlines and the way forward

By Nomali Cele Parents, guardians and teachers of learners in grade 11 or matric, please […]


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Thinking of getting your DNA tested, here are the basics

By Zuko Komisa The human body is rather complex when it comes to its makeup, […]


education innovation, education innovations from around the world

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Education innovation across the world and what parents can learn

By Nomali Cele Education innovation does not just mean bringing gadgets into the classroom or […]


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Acquire new skills through e-learning portals

By Zuko Komisa We can all agree on how important education is in shaping our […]


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The todays of tomorrow The YOUth. The FUTURE #16Conversation

By Omolemo Morotoba Its on the 16th of June 1976, when the youth countrywide in […]


life after school, kaya fm 16 conversations

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Your child’s life after school: School is ending, now what?

By Nomali Cele Life after school is hard. It’s almost prelim time for matriculants and […]


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So you’ve graduated, what must happen?

By Zuko Komisa Graduating is largely a fantastic feeling of accomplishment, where what feels like […]