Six bomb like devices found in near Greyville Racecourse not bombs

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Six bomb like devices found in near Greyville Racecourse not bombs


Six bombs like devices have which have been found in various locations in  Durban are not explosive devices, this is according to police spokesperson Vish Naidoo.
The police say there is no need for the public to panic as the incendiary device are designed to start fires but haven’t proved to be effective enough.
The devices which were found in public areas at major shopping centers in Durban and near the Greyville Racecourse where the popular social event the Durban July took place have raised speculation about terrorism. One was found near a Woolworths at The Pavilion Mall and two, at Woolworths Gateway, and another near a Woolworth store in Morningside. There was also a false alarm at the Westville shopping center where an employee found what they thought was a bomb on Monday.

Speaking to David O’Sullivan on Kaya FM Naidoo said the police are yet to establish a motive.

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