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Dubai – Tourist Inside Info

18 Oct 2017 TRAVEL

By: Natasha Archary

The Kaya FM listener tour to Dubai is so close, if you have secured your seat and will be joining your favourite personalities on this Afropolitan trip of a lifetime, perhaps you need to be brought unto speed on how you can enjoy the city like a local. With the help of Edcel Suyo, a Dubai travel blogger and photographer we have you covered and we share a few key tips on how you can blend in with the locals.

Edcel has been generous with his tips and shares the following:

  • Discounts on Food/Adventures/Hotels

Try to purchase and download the Entertainer Mobile App. It’s a very handy app where you can score amazing buy one get one vouchers on many restaurants/tours. It saves you money on desert safari tours, food, city guides, restaurants and hotels.

Also, check out Groupon and Cobone for discounted deals on restaurants/hotels/tours.

  • Seeing the City in a Day

If you have limited time in the city Big Bus Tours or City Sightseeing Tours may be the best way to take in Dubai in all its glory. The tours offer group discounts and you have a chance to see all the famous landmarks and attractions in Dubai in a day. Talk about convenient.

  • Ride the Dubai Metro

Similar to the Gautrain, this is the cheapest and fastest way to travel and explore Dubai. The trains are driverless and offer first class and women only sections for a safer experience. Extensive window panels give you panoramic views of Dubai whilst you zip past.

  • Tour Both Old Dubai and New Dubai

As mentioned in the previous post about shopping in Dubai, Edcel encourages you to visit the markets/souks in Deira which is part of Old Dubai, and then check out the skyscrapers and towers in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina (New Dubai). This will give you the full experience of the city and you will learn more about the rich tapestry holding the fast metropolitan city together.

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For more tourist travel tips and a 2 day itinerary of Dubai while on a budget go check out Edcel’s blog here: Dubai Travel Blog

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