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Dubai – A Shopper’s Paradise

18 Oct 2017 TRAVEL

By: Natasha Archary 

The Dubai Mall – United Arab Emirates

Shopping in the United Arab Emirates is considered a national sport, so much so that if New York is the city that never sleeps then Dubai’s moniker is The City That Never Stops Shopping. A report in 2015 showed that more international brands enter the Dubai market on a weekly basis, making it the 2nd most important shopping hub in the world after London. In fact, The Dubai Mall was announced as the world’s best shopping destination just last year. So forget London’s Regent Street or New York’s Fifth Avenue because Dubai is a shopper’s paradise.

Dubai based travel blogger and photographer, Edcel Suyo, was kind enough to share that it’s best to shop during sale season in Dubai or at one of the many shopping festivals that happen annually in the city. According to him, the biggest shopping seasons in Dubai are the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) during winter season, Dubai Summer Suprises (DSS) during summer and the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) Shopper Festival for IT gadgets which happens twice a year.

To learn more about the festivals check out Edcel’s travel blog here: Dubai Travel Blog

Apart from these shopping festivals however, world round shopping attracts tourists to Dubai like bees to honey. From gold to electronics, designer labels to everyday household items, decor, produce and food items from international brands there isn’t anything you couldn’t find.

Four-storey artistic waterfall in Dubai Mall

The most popular malls in Dubai are:

  1.  The Dubai Mall – at the heart of the Burj Khalifa this mini city is home to an aquarium, thousands of shops, an Olympic sized ice-rink, a spectacular indoor four-storey waterfall and endless food outlets
  2.  Mall of the Emirates – Considered the world’s first shopping resort, the mall houses an indoor ski resort “Ski Dubai” – and if that’s not enough to blow your mind there’s also a snow park! Yes inside a mall, in the desert!
  3. Karama Shopping Centre – If you’re looking for mementos and keep-sakes to take back home to family and friends then this is the place to go to as prices are far more reasonable than the extravagant wonders mentioned above.
  4. Wafi Mall – Most tourists bypass this mall en-route to the bigger shopping monsters but this mall should be on your list especially if you’re an art-lover because this is where you will find the most exquisite lamps, embellished woodwork and tapestries from Arab artisans.

Mall of The Emirates

Rich tapestries, Dubai mementos and custom clothing from the Souk in Old Dubai

Traditional Arabic shoes in East Souk

Of course no visit to Dubai is complete without a stop at the famous Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Old Souk in the Deira district as this is where you can practice your haggling skills as you buy gold, spices, textiles and other merchandise. The Souks may not be an extravagant shopping experience but it is the most assured way to get a sense of the shopping culture, lifestyle and rich heritage that is Dubai.

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