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Driveline introduces new ways to live in the city

15 Nov 2017 DESIGN

By Zuko Komisa

Ever wondered how living in a container would feel like? Well, there is a new urban development called Driveline Studios that was recently launched in the popular Maboneng Precinct. It is made using clever design and colorful multistorey shipping containers, a growing trend in the design space.

The building captures your attention as you make your rounds in the inner-city. Considering the deadlock of shacks and inadequate housing in this country, could this be another ‘unintentional’ glorification of poverty or a creative conceptualisation aimed at offering “affordable housing”, or a stroke of design genius? Thus far, it has been received as an innovative way to create an amazing living space.



The inception of the building began in 2014 by Propertuity and designed by Lot-Ek Architects and was completed in September this year. Its mixed-use residential and retail building developed over an existing single-story structure is now a charming feature in the area.

The rent begins at R 4 900 per month, an interesting price to pay for a transformed basic rusty container “room” in the bustlingly developing Johannesburg CBD.

The flooding of Johanesburg’s inner city with migrant workers has drastically increased the need for residential space. At the end of the day shipping containers are recycled materials, subsequently you are proctecting the environment if you invest in making a luxury shipping container home, perhaps living in one is not entirely a bad idea.